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Anisa Baker-Busby

Anisa Baker-Busby, EdD, serves as an elementary school principal in middle Georgia. She has over 16 years of experience working in high-poverty schools as an elementary teacher and administrator.

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Anisa Baker-Busby

Anisa Baker-Busby, EdD, is an elementary school principal at Lindsey Elementary School in middle Georgia. In 2020, Solution Tree named Lindsey Elementary a national model PLC school.

With more than 18 years of experience in high-poverty schools as an elementary teacher and administrator, Dr. Baker-Busby enjoys helping teachers and leaders use assessments to improve learning outcomes. She works with educators to create collaborative teams focused on using assessment data to make real-time instructional decisions.

As an elementary principal, Dr. Baker-Busby helped high-performing collaborative teams embrace the PLC at Work process by focusing on the three big ideas—collaboration, learning, and results. As a result, teams created common formative assessments and used the results to improve their practices and determine students who needed additional time and support.

Dr. Baker-Busby was named the 2008–2009 Teacher of the Year at Miller Elementary School in Georgia.

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