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Anisa Baker-Busby

Anisa Baker-Busby, EdD, serves as an elementary school principal in middle Georgia. She has over 16 years of experience working in high-poverty schools as an elementary teacher and administrator.


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Anisa Baker-Busby

Dr. Anisa Baker-Busby served as the principal of Lindsey Elementary since February 2016 and was appointed principal of Shirley Hills Elementary in July 2022. She has over twenty years of educational experiences serving as an elementary teacher and administrator. Her passion is to help schools build systems of support for collaborative teams that will ensure high levels of learning for all students.

Dr. Anisa Baker-Busby received her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in elementary education from Alabama State University, her K–12 educational leadership certification from Albany State University, and her specialist degree and her doctoral degree in K–12 educational leadership from Argosy University. She was 2008–2009 Teacher of the Year for Miller Elementary school.

Dr. Baker-Busby thoroughly enjoys the challenge of working with teacher teams and leaders on using PLC practices and assessments to improve learning outcomes for all students. She works closely with teachers and leaders to create collaborative teams focused on using data from assessments to make real-time instructional decisions to provide students with what they need. As an elementary principal, Dr. Baker-Busby helped teachers develop high-performing collaborative teams that embraced the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) at Work® process. This helped teams keep a laser-like focus on the big ideas of a PLC: a focus on collaboration, a focus on learning, and a focus on results.

As a result, teams started using and creating common formative assessments and used the results to improve their teaching practices and ensure high levels of learning for all. This relentless focus on doing the right work for all students paved the way for Lindsey Elementary to be recognized as a 2020 Model PLC at Work school by Solution Tree for its sustained success in raising student achievement. Lindsey Elementary was one of 200 schools and districts in the U.S. and Canada to receive this honor. Successful implementation of the PLC at Work process has been a major contributing factor in the improved achievement of students.

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