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The Metacognitive Preschooler

How to Teach Academic, Social, and Emotional Intelligence to Your Youngest Students

By: Richard K. Cohen, Michele A. Herold, Emily R. Peluso, Katie Upshaw, Kelsee G. Young

Foreword by: Martin Blank

Discover a singular, practical, evidence-based solution to overcome behavior and learning challenges in early childhood students. The coauthors of this book provide a metacognitive strategy for educators aiming to teach preschoolers SEL competencies, improve school climate, boost academic performance, and increase inclusivity.

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Format: Paperback

A singular, practical solution to teaching SEL competencies

Learn a practical, effective, and brain-based approach to teaching the whole child. Preschool teachers and leaders can easily embed a single metacognitive strategy, called structured SELf-questioning, into their existing curricula and routines to teach emotional recognition and regulation and social conflict resolution skills. With this strategy, all students can learn social-emotional learning competencies and academic problem-solving skills that promote success in school and life.

This book helps preschool teachers, coaches, and leaders:

  • Understand how the metacognitive strategy of structured SELf-questioning teaches all preschoolers SEL competencies as well as academic problem-solving skills
  • Learn how they can embed structured SELf-questioning into any preschool curriculum or classroom management system
  • Consider diverse classroom scenarios that exemplify what effective instruction using structured SELf-questioning looks and sounds like
  • Access guidance and reproducible tools to take to their classrooms the next day as well as resources encouraging parents and caregivers to incorporate structured SELf-questioning at home

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ISBN: 9781958590416

Published By: Solution Tree

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