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Mindsets and Skill Sets for Learning

A Framework for Building Student Agency

By: Bill Zima

Rely on Mindsets and Skill Sets for Learning to help you cultivate confident thinkers who have a strong sense of agency over their lives. Use this guide to enhance your classroom culture with targeted, student-centered learning.

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Your guide to fostering learner self-agency and increasing student engagement

Cultivate confident thinkers who have a strong sense of agency over their lives. In Mindsets and Skill Sets for Learning, author Bill Zima clearly outlines what student agency looks and sounds like in the classroom. Rely on the book’s framework to help you develop a learner-centered classroom culture, establish well-defined learning targets, deliberately plan and structure lessons, and more.

  • Explore the framework for building agency, and understand the importance of developing self-agency in students.
  • Receive detailed explanations of each component of the framework and end-of-chapter assignments that ask readers to apply their learning.
  • Study the agency unit planner, and utilize the planner to design student-centered learning experiences that develop learner agency and skills.
  • Receive firsthand perspectives from teachers and students who have transformed learning and increased student engagement with the framework.

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