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Powerful Inquiry

Leading With Questions to Build Leadership Capacity in Your School and District

By: Donna J. Micheaux, Jennifer L. Parvin

In Powerful Inquiry, the authors encourage leaders to build core leadership skills and competencies. School and district leaders will learn how leading with questions deepens their capacity and builds the mindset and skill sets of others to lead in a way that cultivates collaboration and innovation.

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Format: Paperback

Create a culture that builds leadership capacity

Leaders, develop your capacity for social-emotional intelligence and foster growth, openness, and trust in your staff using Powerful Inquiry. The authors provide tools and resources that encourage principals, team leaders, and district leaders to challenge the traditional leadership model, welcome all voices, and establish an evolving learning organization that benefits everyone. Learn how leading with questions can support building specific leadership competencies.

K–12 school and district leaders can use this book to:

  • Develop a learning organization using inquiry-based strategies, tools, and frameworks
  • Establish a growth mindset within themselves and their colleagues
  • Acknowledge bias and address any resistance getting in the way of change
  • Foster an environment of psychological safety and interpersonal trust
  • Distinguish between empowering and disempowering questions
  • Promote equity and inclusion by giving voice to marginalized individuals
  • Build the capacity for self-awareness in themselves and their staff

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ISBN: 9781954631519

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