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Change Starts With Me

Talking About Race in the Elementary Classroom

By: Madeleine Rogin

Make a positive impact on how elementary students view and understand race discrimination. This guide will help you tactfully tackle topics such as White silence, the scientific origin of skin color, and societal fears of being perceived as a racist by giving you real-world examples to use in the classroom.

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An elementary teacher's guide to breaking the unproductive silence surrounding race and racism.

Silver Award in the Education Category for Workbook/Resources

You can make a difference in how young students see and understand race and racism. Grounded in real-world examples, this accessible, insightful guide tackles topics like White silence, the scientific origin of skin color, and societal fears of being perceived as a racist. Readers will find solutions to overcome barriers like inherent biases and wary parents while helping students understand emotional and complex issues.

Elementary classroom teachers will:

  • Help young children develop a foundational understanding about race and racism rooted in anti-bias practices
  • Vicariously experience a classroom’s transformation from silent to celebratory
  • Learn and teach the scientific origins of skin color and how differences should be acknowledged and celebrated
  • Build skills in maintaining transparency and clear communication with hesitant parents
  • Gain confidence to break the silence surrounding these complex and profound topics

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKG034

ISBN: 9781952812774

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 208

Change Starts With Me offers a compelling account of having conversations about race and racism to create more unity in the classroom, address injustices, and support the entire school community. This impressive book is grounded in research and includes application to everyday classroom practice. Readers learn strategies for handling challenging moments rather than retreating to silence. This book is a call to action for all educators who seek to build inclusive, empathetic classroom communities.”

Ellen Moir, founder, New Teacher Center, Santa Cruz, California

“Many readers will relate to author Madeleine Rogin’s story of being a well-intentioned White teacher who avoided engaging with kindergarteners about race and racism. Rogin’s realization that her annual Martin Luther King Jr. read-alouds were not giving her students the skills and understanding they needed to counter racial power dynamics in the classroom sent her on a quest to find an antiracist way of teaching about racism. She captures that quest in this honest, vulnerable book full of helpful resources and anecdotes for educators striving to build an antiracist, kid-centered community.”

Melissa Giraud, cofounder of EmbraceRace, Amherst, Massachusetts

Change Starts With Me offers fabulous real-life examples and practical steps for teachers to talk with elementary students about race and racism. I will keep copies to hand out for staff who are ready to start talking about race!”

Ian Landy, principal, Powell River School District, Powell River, British Columbia

“Author Madeleine Rogin’s commitment to honestly sharing her story promotes empathy for this challenging topic. This book includes great activities and helpful resources for teachers looking for effective ways to talk to K–4 students about race and racism.”

David Pillar, assistant director, Hoosier Hills Career Center, Bloomington, Indiana
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