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Teacher Leaders, Classroom Champions

How to Influence, Support, and Renew School Communities

By: Jeanetta Jones Miller

Teacher leadership is not about doing more, it’s about doing what matters most. We can’t put more hours in the school day, but those hours can be used better to achieve goals for schools. The purpose of this book is to provide information that teacher leaders can act on right now.

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Teacher-specific perspectives and leadership strategies for developing collective teacher efficacy

This book shares a vision of teacher leadership not as teachers who lead other teachers but as those who take responsibility in supporting other teachers, students, and families in a variety of ways. With templates and tools to record next steps in every chapter, teachers will have a clear path to activate school improvement from within their own classrooms.

This book will help K–12 teachers:

  • Learn how to make incremental but significant changes in classrooms
  • Implement, refine, and share new ideas in a continual cycle of improvement
  • Find inspiration for spearheading new efforts, modifying current practices, or stopping practices that aren't working
  • Realize the collaborative efforts that are necessary for schoolwide change
  • Recognize the many forms that leadership takes and how all of these can contribute to improving school culture and student outcomes

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Product Code: BKG110

ISBN: 9781954631892

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 112

“Teachers in classrooms have the ability to impact the learning that happens for their students using the instruction they deliver every day. A strong, well-trained teacher leader can shift practice for an entire school community. This book has the potential to spark a movement of teachers seeing themselves as leaders.”

Johanna Josaphat, teacher leader, The Urban Assembly Unison School, New York

“Jeanetta Jones Miller demonstrates how all teachers can serve as 'classroom champions' through engaging in teacher leadership. Miller clearly shows how teachers, as instructional experts, can use their knowledge and skills within collaborative work, action research, and curriculum development to empower their peers and improve student learning. Both novice and experienced teacher leaders will gain tools and resources to improve their leadership practices. Within each chapter, Miller provides engaging classroom stories, useful checklists, and planning templates to assist teacher leaders in setting their own school improvement goals. Miller writes an easy-to-read book that will leave teacher leaders feeling energized and ready to take on new leadership challenges.”

Christine Lotter, professor, College of Education, University of South Carolina
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