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There’s More to the Story

Using Literature to Teach Diversity and Social-Emotional Skills in the Elementary Classroom

By: Gwendolyn Cartledge, Amanda L. Yurick, Alana Oif Telesman

In this valuable resource, the authors share recommendations for diverse and culturally relevant, quality children’s literature that explores important aspects of social-emotional learning. In each chapter, book suggestions are paired with activities that promote positive self-reflection and compassionate action toward others.

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There’s More to the Story

Introduce diversity and social-emotional learning to elementary students through a wide array of culturally relevant, quality children’s literature. This valuable resource shares recommendations for books that explore race, ethnicity, gender, (dis)ability, religion, and more. The authors pair activities with book suggestions to promote healthy self-affirmation, self-assertion, and conflict resolution so students learn how their actions impact others.

  • Gain a basic understanding of social-emotional learning and concepts.
  • Discover why literature is an effective tool for conveying diversity issues and social-emotional concepts.
  • Engage young students with literature and activities to help them understand complex issues.
  • Integrate literature from a vast array of diverse groups into classroom learning to broaden cultural understanding.
  • Create an environment in which students can learn, process, and celebrate cultural differences.

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