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Training Teacher Leaders in a PLC at Work®

A Guide to Cultivating Shared Leadership

By: Jasmine K. Kullar

This book aims to help school leaders build and develop teacher leaders with ten essential skills. From conflict resolution skills to decision-making skills and self-confidence skills, Jasmine K. Kullar leaves teachers empowered to lead the PLC at Work® process.

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Format: Paperback

Develop teacher leaders with ten essential skills

Teacher leaders play an integral role in the success of the professional learning community (PLC) process, which cannot be executed successfully without leadership skills. Learn ten key leadership skills to help develop teacher leaders, enabling them to impart PLC knowledge in a way that influences their collaborative teams to advance student achievement and contribute to lifelong learning.

This book helps K–12 principals and teacher leaders:

  • Learn ten essential teacher leadership skills and how to develop them
  • Use case scenarios and other activities to develop and strengthen leadership skills
  • Understand shared or collaborative leadership and its importance to a successful PLC
  • Examine what might be holding teacher leaders back from fulfilling their potential
  • Draw on chapter-ending reflections and next steps to help move forward

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Product Code: BKG201

ISBN: 9781960574800

Published By: Solution Tree

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