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Score to Soar

Moving Teachers From Evaluation to Professional Growth

By: John F. Eller, Sheila A. Eller

Learn how to evaluate teacher effectiveness and to communicate evaluation findings to teachers in a way that fosters their professional growth.

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Score to Soar

Discover how to guide and enhance the job performance of teachers in your school or district. The authors share highly practical strategies for providing teachers meaningful feedback and encouraging their improvement. Youll discover how to evaluate teacher effectiveness, use multiple forms of data for evaluation, and communicate evaluation findings to teachers in a way that fosters their professional growth.

  • Learn the importance of and reasons for teacher supervision.
  • Access strategies to improve the teacher evaluation process.
  • Acquire skills to accurately assess and communicate teacher effectiveness.
  • Gain tips for holding productive conferences with teachers that offer clear direction for improvement.
  • Foster and maintain high-quality teacher performance that promotes student success.

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Product Code: BKF625

ISBN: 9781936763443

Page Count: 232

“With this book, John and Sheila Eller put the focus of teacher evaluation back where it always should have been—teacher development.”

Robert Marzano, CAO, Marzano Research

“Eller and Eller have hit the mark. There are books that principals read and put on their reference shelves, and then there are books like Score to Soar that we will keep on our desks as a road map for working with teachers to improve their craft. This book gives supervisors tangible approaches to coaching teachers at all points in their careers.”

Denny Roehm, principal, Portage West Middle School, Michigan

“This book can help move the conversation from teacher accountability over test scores to teacher ownership over real learning. That conversation will be welcome from the classroom to the boardroom.”

Kate McDonald, principal, Metro Tech High School, Arizona

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