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A Summing Up

Teaching and Learning in Effective Schools and PLCs at Work®

By: Robert Eaker

Learn directly from a master educator as he shares the story of his career, along with in-depth guidance for implementing the PLC at Work® process and fostering continuous school improvement. Read real-life scenarios that demonstrate the qualities of an effective leader and merits of student-centered learning.

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An autobiographical guide to school improvement and implementing the PLC at Work process

After a career spanning nearly half a century, Dr. Robert Eaker delivers a work of reflection and storytelling, along with practical tips and strategies on school improvement and student achievement. Learn directly from a master educator as he shares the story of his career, along with in-depth guidance for implementing the PLC at Work® process and essential real-world advice for succeeding as an educator.

  • Become familiar with the story of the creation of the PLC at Work framework, as well as the personal lives of those who created it.
  • Study the foundational theories and concepts of the PLC at Work process, as well as strategic implementation and best practices in teaching.
  • Gain numerous strategies and insights for strengthening your school improvement efforts and achieving desired learning outcomes.
  • Discover best practices for improving instruction and student learning.
  • Consider the key qualities of effective leaders who successfully improve classroom instruction.
  • Read real-world examples of PLC implementation and collaborative learning.

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKF943

ISBN: 9781949539738

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 288

“There is a distinct difference between knowledge and wisdom. Many educational books address facts, information, and skills deemed best practice—the knowledge of our profession. But wisdom requires deep understanding, insightfulness, and good judgment regarding how to best apply what we know. A Summing Up is a book of true wisdom. Using his own journey as the backdrop, Bob Eaker provides context to the major educational research movements of the past fifty years and describes how leveraging this knowledge with practitioner experience led to the creation of the PLC at Work process. It is a wonderfully personal story, written with humor and humility. If I could, I would make this book required reading for every educator.”

Mike Mattos, educational consultant and author

“Eaker offers that rare combination of practical insight, moral imperative, and personal inspiration to help every educator and leader through the challenging and rewarding years ahead. These pages will generate gratitude, enthusiasm, and hope—precisely what our profession needs.”

Douglas Reeves, educational consultant, author, and founder of Creative Leadership Solutions

“When thinking of Bob Eaker, I recall my son’s description of his life-changing science teacher: ‘He knows a lot, teaches a lot, makes the subject interesting, and is a nice person.’ To that perfect description I add that Bob listens to and affirms others and has not let his success define him. Bob has been an inspiration to me and thousands of educators; with this book, he continues to educate and inspire.”

Robert Lynn Canady, professor emeritus, University of Virginia

“Bob Eaker is recognized the world over as a titan of the education profession, but to me, he will always be Dr. Bob, the generous, kind, and thoughtful man who shared the same vision for the future of education as my father, Rick DuFour. Together they helped change the lives of countless administrators, teachers, and students around the world. More than that, the two men were the very best of friends who also changed each other’s lives for the better along the way. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had a front-row seat to much of the personal and professional evolution described within this book.”

Matthew DuFour, son of Richard DuFour, architect of the PLC at Work process
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