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Thriving as a New Teacher

Tools and Strategies for Your First Year

By: John F. Eller, Sheila A. Eller

In this user-friendly guide, the authors draw from best practice and their extensive experience to identify strategies and tools that help new teachers succeed.

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Thriving as a New Teacher

Discover strategies and tools for new teacher success. In this user-friendly guide, the authors draw from best practice and their extensive experience to identify the necessary skills and characteristics to thrive as a new educator. Explore the six critical areas related to teaching that most impact new teachers and their students, from implementing effective assessments to working confidently and effectively with colleagues.

  • Understand the important role of teachers, the challenges new teachers face, and strategies to overcome those challenges.
  • Learn the characteristics necessary to thrive as a new teacher in six spheres: self, students, classroom management, curriculum management, assessment, and colleagues.
  • Access templates, including self-assessments and checklists, to support the efforts of new teachers.
  • Determine how to establish classroom procedures and rules early on, and discover tools to promote positive behavior and handle disruptive behavior.
  • Connect with students, parents, school leaders, and colleagues to create an atmosphere that supports both teachers and students.

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Product Code: BKF661

ISBN: 9781936764495

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 192

“Learning as a new teacher is rather like building the airplane while it is in the air. Thriving as a New Teacher provides important starting points for learning. It is clear the authors have extensive experience working with teachers and school personnel and have organized the book to help those who need a start but don't have too much time. The vignettes, checklists, and diagrams are very helpful conceptually and give the new teacher a place to begin organizing his or her own classroom system.”

Carolyn Evertson, director, College of Education and Human Development, Vanderbilt Peabody College, Tennessee

“This book is an excellent road map for new teachers as they navigate their way to becoming thriving educators. As a principal, I plan to use lessons from the authors' six spheres as part of my new-teacher orientation. With the book's real-life examples and opportunities for reflection, even seasoned teachers will benefit.”

Kirk M. Rickansrud, principal, Thomas Paine Elementary School, New Jersey

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