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Stick the Learning

Brain-Based Teaching Techniques to Increase Retention, Application, and Transfer

By: Eric Saunders

Research shows that desirable difficulties as achieved with spaced repetition, interleaving, and retrieval (SIR) have positive long-term impacts on student learning, because the learning sticks. This book guides you through these three techniques for a more brain-compatible classroom geared toward student success.

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Powerful brain-based techniques to accelerate learning and ensure long-term student success

Combing through research for effective teaching strategies is a big ask for busy educators. This concise guide bridges brain-based learning theory with everyday instructional practice to maximize teacher effectiveness for visible student achievement. Learn three powerful, doable techniques proven to support long-term retention: spaced repetition, interleaving, and retrieval (SIR). Explore engaging activities designed to improve student retention, application, and transfer by easily integrating SIR into your classroom.

This user-friendly guide to sticky learning will help K–12 teachers

  • Understand the SIR techniques that support a brain-compatible classroom
  • Use activities to better implement SIR in the classroom
  • Understand the importance of utilizing repetition and interleaving alongside retrieval
  • Increase student achievement
  • Reflect on their own growth and success in implementing SIR techniques

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKG083

ISBN: 9781954631359

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 128

“A superb overview of the latest insights in learning, beautifully informed by neuroscience. Highly recommended!”

Barbara Oakley, distinguished professor of engineering; author, A Mind for Numbers

“A helpful guide featuring research-based practices for teachers, instructional coaches, and specialists!"

Lety Amalla, executive director of student programs, Midland Independent School District, Texas

“Bringing together a wealth of exceptional research on the neuroscience of learning, Eric Saunders strives to make brain-based strategies common instructional practice among educators. In Stick the Learning, Saunders makes the research on the SIR techniques comprehensible—and the strategies concrete and applicable—so that educators can leverage such practices to improve learning outcomes. Any educator who wants to improve how well learning sticks for students will be well served to explore Saunders’s strategies.”

Jennifer D. Klein, author, speaker, facilitator, coach, and CEO of Principled Learning Strategies

“Today’s teachers have access to a wealth of teaching and learning strategies. Eric Saunders infuses one of those pedagogical approaches—direct instruction—with brain-based research and teaching techniques to clarify and improve engagement with students. Teachers will find support and understanding from Saunders’s new take on a traditional teaching style.”

Richard E. Ferdig, Summit Professor of Learning Technologies, Research Center for Educational Technology, Kent State University
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