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The Big Book of Tools for RTI at Work™

By: William M. Ferriter, Mike Mattos, Rob J. Meyer

Whether you’re in collaborative teams identifying grade-level standards, school leadership teams assessing Tier 2 interventions, or intervention teams helping at-risk students, this book offers educators the targeted tools necessary to create a highly effective multitiered system of supports (MTSS) that can ensure high levels of learning for every student.

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Format: Paperback

Targeted, ready-to-use tools for achieving MTSS

In The Big Book of Tools for RTI at Work™, William M. Ferriter, Mike Mattos, and Rob J. Meyer deliver a robust set of tools for teachers and leaders to employ on their journey to implementing effective additional support for struggling students. Practical and full of resources, this book supplies educators with the means to transform their school response to intervention process and create a highly effective multitiered system of supports.

K−12 administrators, teachers, and leaders can:

  • Use this book to support implementation of the intervention process outlined in the second edition of Taking Action: A Handbook for RTI at Work™
  • Create a guiding coalition, discover how to build a culture of collective teacher efficacy, and intentionally and carefully design effective Tier 1 instruction
  • Gain access to templates, surveys, checklists, reflection prompts, and other resources
  • Monitor and assess the effectiveness of their Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 intervention efforts
  • Evaluate their school’s readiness to successfully implement the RTI at Work/MTSS process

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ISBN: 9781958590355

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