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Brick by Brick

Setting the Foundation for a Stable and Joyful Classroom

By: Kjell Fenn

Presenting information through clearly defined sections—definition, purpose, and examples—author Kjell Fenn provides new and inexperienced teachers with dynamic engagement strategies and a structured approach that builds self-confidence and allows them to work toward creating an orderly and captivating classroom.

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Dynamic strategies to build confidence in the classroom

New or inexperienced teachers enter classrooms brimming with passion but often face challenges in engaging students, managing behavior, and developing effective lessons. Using research-supported strategies, author Kjell Fenn guides new teachers through four pillars of successful teaching: planning, structure, engagement, and confidence. Learn how to design assessments, craft lesson plans, and find the structure for students and teachers to experience joy in the classroom.

K–12 new and beginning teachers will:

  • Explore the dynamics of student engagement with 16 strategies to promote interest
  • Bolster confidence through structured classroom routines
  • Create lessons that engage students while satisfying standards and objectives
  • Design quality assessments and plan units with confidence
  • Collect data on their classroom management and continuously refine their teaching methods

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Product Code: BKG214

ISBN: 9781962188067

Published By: Solution Tree

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