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Book Study Recordings

100-Day Leaders Book Study

In only 100 days, schools can dramatically increase student achievement, transform faculty morale, and much more. During this book study, Douglas Reeves will guide you in creating your own 100-day action plan. Begin by defining your values and determining your desired results, then discover high-leverage strategies for leading the work. You will also have the opportunity to receive feedback on your plan from the author, as well as from other participants.

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100-Day Leaders

Breaking With Tradition Book Study

Forty-nine of 50 states currently have policies around moving their state to a competency-based system of learning, recognizing the need to adequately prepare learners for a changing world. Competency is the ability to apply or transfer learning, rather than just the rote memorization of facts. Critical, innovative thinking and problem-solving are crucial components to a strong education, and a focus on capturing evidence of learning anywhere, anytime is crucial—whether in school with teachers or at home, learning can happen. Join Jonathan Vander Els and Brian Stack for a reflective, personalized, and guided book study on their book, Breaking With Tradition: The Shift to Competency-Based Learning in PLCs at Work®, to learn more about how you can facilitate the move to better meeting the needs of ALL learners in your district, building, or classroom.

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Breaking With Tradition

Coaching Your Classroom Book Study

Maximize student self-efficacy and growth by providing high-quality feedback students can act on. In these interactive sessions, Coaching Your Classroom authors Garnet Hillman and Mandy Stalets will share a fresh perspective on effective classroom feedback for all grade levels and content areas. Explore the parallels between teaching students and coaching athletes, and then learn how to coach every student to success every day. The authors will share how to deliver individualized next steps and support students through the feedback loop in any learning environment. Participants will leave understanding the importance of effective communication in the classroom, the qualities of effective feedback, as well as what a student-centered culture looks like.

Coaching Your Classroom

Crafting Your Message Book Study

Communicating an effective message can be a perplexing undertaking. In this book study, you will learn specific communication skills for distance learning, as well as for use in any face-to-face opportunities. If you speak in public, you are a public speaker. Planning and preparing an effective message is the first step to a profound public presence, which is critical in today's fast-paced, technological environment. This session highlights valuable strategies for creating a memorable message, as well as tips and techniques for impressive delivery. Tammy’s varied national and international experiences, combined with expertise in adult learning, provide a skillful foundation of practical approaches, helping both novice and expert speakers gain an advantage. Do you know the skills? Do you have the skills? This book study is a must for anyone seeking to refine or elevate their presence and poise with school boards, parents, and teacher audiences. Make your message meaningful!.

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Crafting Your Message

Creating a Culture of Feedback Book Study

As the global pandemic shut down schools nationwide, school districts across America encouraged teachers to stop grading and to start offering students feedback on their learning. That subtle shift—from a culture of grading to a culture of feedback in schools—could change everything for today’s students. But what does “meaningful feedback” look like in action—and how can classroom teachers make meaningful feedback a more regular part of their pedagogy? That’s a question participants will answer with Solution Tree authors and full-time classroom teachers Bill Ferriter and Paul Cancellieri in this four-part study of their book, Creating a Culture of Feedback.

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Creating a Culture of Feedback

Creating the Anywhere, Anytime Classroom Book Study

Dr. Casey Reason has been an innovator in teaching and learning in blended and fully online environments for over 20 years. This three-part book study informs participants regarding the essential elements of virtual learning, including the steps we must take to establish the fundamentals of digital learning, the steps needed in setting up digital learning environments, and finally, strategic approaches to assessment and interventions in digital spaces. Digital and blended-learning environments are providing learners today with unique access points and, if approached strategically, can help achieve the most important outcome of all: outstanding results. Dr. Reason’s recent book, Creating the Anywhere, Anytime Classroom: A Blueprint for Learning Online in Grades K–12 is the basis of this training and is perfectly designed for the needs of digital and blended classrooms today.

Creating the Anywhere, Anytime Classroom

Heart! Book Study

The HEART! book study will explore five selected chapters of this best-selling title. In session one, participants will delve into how to create a culture of compassion and care in our schools as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Session two will focus on how to live a balanced, high-energy professional life in a time of stress. Session three will illustrate how to understand the PLC life as a soul-filled life. In session four, readers will learn how to connect to their work life as a vocation of contribution. Finally, in session five, readers will learn how to become intimate with their professional work life.

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Riding the Wave Book Study

The most important issue facing modern educators is knowing how to identify and adapt to new circumstances, often not of their own choosing. The Riding the Wave book study will explore different strategies for ensuring that teachers at all phases of their careers have the skills necessary to succeed in an era of sudden change in the profession. The one thing that is constant in education is change, and knowing how it impacts the different relationships in a teacher's career is essential. Identifying and strengthening these relationships is the key to successfully riding the wave in the future, instead of being crushed by new waves of change and reform.

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Riding the Wave

Starting a Movement Book Study

Infuse energy back into the practices of your PLC. Explore the authors’ four-stage authentic alignment model, which will take you through the “Why, Eye, How, and Now” of transforming your school’s culture. Through this inspiring guide, you’ll discover how to bridge the gulf between principles and practice, cultivating an empowering environment that is committed to a cycle of continuous improvement.

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Starting a Movement

Take Time for You Book Study

Now more than ever, it is crucial that we work to establish healthy habits and routines that allow us to bring our very best selves to those we serve. During these four interactive sessions, Dr. Tina H. Boogren will lead readers through each chapter of the book, in order to help educators of all levels and backgrounds develop personalized self-care plans. Participants will walk away from these sessions feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and empowered.

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Take Time for You

Teaching With the Instructional Cha-Chas Book Study

Authors LeAnn Nickelsen and Melissa Dickson invite you to explore how to use the “Instructional Cha-Chas” to cut your planning time in half and double the speed of learning for your students. If a student is behind academically, you can get them caught up within one school year using this framework. By examining the plethora of strategies within this book, you will get to pick, choose, and design strategies and tools needed for your classroom situation. You will also have the opportunity to receive feedback on your plan from the authors, as well as from other participants.

Recordings of sessions

Teaching With the Instructional Cha-Chas