Defensible Differentiation

Defensible Differentiation

What Does It Take to Get It Right?

By: Carol Ann Tomlinson

In this keynote, Dr. Tomlinson calls on teachers to implement differentiation best practices to serve today۪'s academically diverse student population.

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Defensible Differentiation

One-size-fits-all instruction approaches do not serve today's academically diverse student population, and simply claiming to practice differentiation is not a magic bullet. In this keynote, Dr. Tomlinson calls on teachers to implement best practices regarding curriculum, assessment, instruction, and learning environment and to grasp how these factors interrelate. She examines and invites educators to scrutinize their practices, applying the four foundational principles of effective differentiation.

This package includes a DVD with the presenter's session, a flash drive with the presenter's slide presentation, an excerpt from the book On Excellence in Teaching, and more.

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