Standards-Based Learning in Action: Moving From Theory to Practice

Standards-Based Learning in Action: Moving From Theory to Practice

By: Tom Schimmer, Garnet Hillman, Mandy Stalets

Learn how to overcome the knowing-doing gap in standards-based learning systems, and move toward unpacking the standards and learning targets your students need.

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Overcoming the knowing-doing gap of standards-based learning

Get past the knowing-doing gap and confidently implement standards-based learning. This book offers a comprehensive look at what standards-based learning looks like in action, from creating formative assessments to using data to inform instruction to transitioning to standards-based grading systems. Instead of comparing students to each other, standards-based learning compares students’ proficiency to performance standards and education targets. Each chapter offers readers a well-thought-out action plan for implementation and effective strategies for communicating with students and parents about the classroom changes that will occur during the transition.

Use this book as your action plan for implementing standards-based learning:

  • Explore concrete steps for putting standards-based learning, grading, and instruction into action.
  • Implement schoolwide change beginning with classroom practices.
  • Address common implementation mistakes and challenges.
  • Effectively sequence units and align them with unpacked standards.
  • Create effective proficiency level scales and rubrics.

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