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The Journey to Becoming a Professional Learning Community

By: Janel Keating, Robert Eaker, Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour

Perfect for visual learners, the road map banner and accompanying booklet guide educators through critical issues that may arise during their journey to becoming a PLC.

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The Journey to Becoming a Professional Learning Community

This unique resource is designed to keep schools transforming into PLCs on track. Just like students, adults learn in different waysfor visual learners, a tool that depicts the PLC journey graphically can help clarify the process of transformation. This road map banner and accompanying booklet literally show the way.

Resource includes:
  • One color 7-foot vinyl banner with grommets
  • Two black-and-white 7-foot paper banners
  • Three copies of a process booklet
  • Discover appropriate activities and the order in which they need to be accomplished to become a successful PLC.
  • Decide who will have the primary responsibilities for each activity along the way.
  • Develop a timeline for tasks to be accomplished.
  • Identify necessary resources such as time, money, and training.
  • Address the questions, How will we monitor our progress and assess our effectiveness? and What evidence will we examine to determine if we have been successful?

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