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Coaching for Multilingual Student Success

Intentional Practices to Accelerate Learning and Close Achievement Gaps

By: Karen Johannesen Brock

Contributors: Margarita Espino Calderón

Teachers do not have to choose between serving multilingual learners and providing rigorous instruction for all. Perfect for group study, this book offers guidance for leveraging instructional coaching to strengthen collective teacher efficacy and confidence so teachers can accelerate learning for all students.

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Your guide to effective instructional coaching that fully supports teachers of multilingual learners

Multilingual students have unique learning needs that must be addressed if they are to thrive. Understand how to intentionally involve instructional coaches in equipping teachers to successfully implement high-impact strategies that engage not just English learners but everyone in the classroom. Gain tools and practices to design professional learning plans that incorporate targeted strategies with the support of an instructional coaching program.

Instructional coaches and leaders will:

  • Understand multilingual learners’ unique needs
  • Maximize growth opportunities for multilingual learners throughout their day—not just in specialized small-group time
  • Learn how to design a professional learning plan tailored to their context
  • Foster supportive and productive teacher-coach relationships
  • Gain tools and practices to support implementation of professional learning plans
  • Gain high-impact teaching strategies that accelerate learning for multilingual learners

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Product Code: BKG172

ISBN: 9781960574206

Published By: Solution Tree

“An excellent resource for helping teams take the steps needed to ensure multilingual students succeed! Coaching for Multilingual Student Success provides ample data, resources, and examples to guide educators in getting started. Districts can count on this easy-to-follow book to show them the way.”

Shanna Martin, middle school teacher and instructional coach, School District of Lomira, Wisconsin

“Brock provides practical strategies that school and district teams can use to advance learning for their multilingual students. This book’s asset based approach serves multilingual learners in the core classroom through intentional structures, systems, and instructional coaching. Readers will come away with tangible ways to enhance teacher pedagogy and accelerate learning.”

Jennifer Throndsen, director of teaching and learning, Utah State Board of Education, Salt Lake City, Utah

Coaching for Multilingual Student Success unpacks how school systems leverage instructional coaches to support professional learning aligned with a school’s improvement plan. This book brings the work of school-based and district-based coaches to life, emphasizing their role in supporting transfer of research-based instructional strategies into routine practice in every Tier 1 classroom.”

Joellen Killion, coauthor, Elevate School-Based Professional Learning
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