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Making Learning Flow

By: John Spencer

Rethink student engagement and bring flow to the classroom to inspire students to love learning and reach optimal achievement.

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Making Learning Flow

When students are fully engaged, present, focused, and alert, they experience flow. By rethinking student engagement and bringing flow to the center of instruction, teachers inspire students to love learning and reach new levels of achievement. Using the key components of flow, generate a state of flow in the classroom every day to spark optimal student performance.

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  • Learn the fundamentals of flow
  • Reimagine student engagement to create conditions that foster a state of flow regularly
  • Motivate students to become naturally curious, creative critical thinkers
  • Make learning inherently fun—encouraging students to love learning
  • Gain effective strategies for improving motivation, instruction, pacing, and feedback in the classroom
  • Understand how intrinsic motivations can better inspire students’ learning than extrinsic rewards
  • Grasp how to effectively match students’ perceived skills with an equal level of challenge
  • Issue immediate and effective feedback to help students monitor their own learning progress

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