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Inspiring Creativity and Innovation in K–12

By: Douglas Reeves

Explore the four essentials for developing a creative, innovative culture, and discover strategies for navigating challenges you may face along the way.

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Inspiring Creativity and Innovation in K–12

Encourage a culture of innovation and creativity. Innovation and creativity are imperative to educational success and require the contributions of teachers, students, administrators, and policymakers. Explore the four essentials for developing a creative, mistake-tolerant culture; investigate teaching and leadership beliefs and practices that undermine creativity; and discover strategies for successfully navigating challenges that your team may face along the way.

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  • Consider the four main challenges that educators and students face in pursuit of creativity.
  • Read research and real-life examples documenting creativity in practice.
  • Learn about the critical elements for developing creative environments.
  • Discover how you can apply the presented meta-rubric (a rubric for rubrics), and practice creativity assessment with the provided reproducible composite rubrics.
  • Gain insight on five practices that policymakers can use to keep creativity central in education.

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ISBN: 9781936765300

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Page Count: 80

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