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No Disposable Kids

By: Larry K. Brendtro, Arlin Ness, Martin Mitchell

Foreword by: Muhammad Ali, Lonnie Ali

Learn strategies for fostering resiliency in youth. This resource helps you cultivate positive feelings and build mutual respect between you and your students.

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Format: Paperback

No Disposable Kids

Learn effective strategies for fostering resiliency in youth. This powerful resource helps you enlist youth in their own education and healing, boost their self-worth and dignity, form successful problem-solving alliances, and create a climate of mutual respect.

  • How to transition students from a self-image of “damaged goods” to one of “survivor’s pride”
  • Alternatives to “get tough” and “kick out” strategies
  • Techniques for boosting self-worth and dignity
  • Specific ways of enlisting youths in their own education and healing
  • How to form successful problem-solving alliances with youths
  • What to do to create a climate of mutual respect

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Product Code: BKF177

ISBN: 9781932127317

Page Count: 216

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