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Now We’re Talking!

21 Days to High-Performance Instructional Leadership

By: Justin Baeder

Daily classroom visits can significantly impact the quality of teaching and learning. Now We’re Talking! presents school leaders with a 21-day, results-driven approach to classroom visits.

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Now We’re Talking!

Daily classroom visits can significantly impact the quality of teaching and learning. Organized into 21 chapters designed to be read over a period of 21 school days, Now We’re Talking! presents a results-driven approach that far surpasses traditional walkthrough models of feedback. School leaders will complete two cycles of classroom visits while reading the book and establish the necessary foundation for subsequent visits.

  • Understand how daily classroom visits can help you make informed decisions that foster rich relationships with teachers, improve professional practices, reduce stress, and increase student learning.
  • Discover how to conduct classroom visits that foster high-performance results and high-quality instructional leadership.
  • Take part in 21 days of action challenges toward making classroom visits a daily practice.
  • Gain tips for streamlining your inboxes, staying organized, and prioritizing work so you have time for daily classroom visits.

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ISBN: 9781936764204

“Why are teachers and administrators so frustrated with traditional classroom observations? Justin Baeder provides the answer in this clarion call for leadership that makes a difference. With day-by-day guidelines, Baeder takes the reader from the why to the how of instructional leadership based on a solid foundation of research and experience, and helps leaders engage in observations that are systematic, frequent, and meaningful. With practical tips on time management, interpersonal communication, and personal growth, this book will help veterans, new leaders, and aspiring leaders alike.”

Douglas Reeves, founder, Creative Leadership Solutions

“The greatest gift a principal can give a student is a highly-skilled teacher. This book gives the principal an easy 'on-ramp' for getting into classrooms and providing the feedback that will improve instruction.”

Frank Buck, author, Get Organized!: Time Management for School Leaders; President, Frank Buck Consulting, Inc.

“Justin Baeder’s Now We’re Talking! is a true masterpiece. The book makes a compelling case for the importance of regular teacher observation and presents a rigorous, comprehensive, and progressive blueprint to help principals fulfill that duty. Baeder breaks down the process into manageable chunks and offers concrete strategies to help principals become more present in classrooms, deepen relationships with teachers, provide them with actionable feedback and support, and, when necessary, conduct difficult conversations. This book is a must-read for any administrators who want to challenge themselves to become the very best instructional leaders they can be.”

Naphtali Hoff, president, Impactful Coaching & Consulting

Now We’re Talking! is the book I was looking for years ago when I began my role as principal. Nearly every principal struggles with getting into classrooms and following up by providing meaningful feedback to teachers. This book will help you do just that. Broken up into twenty-one chapters (or days of practice), Now We’re Talking! will help readers develop the habit of visiting classrooms frequently and develop or refine their craft of providing teachers with high-quality feedback. This is a solid resource for any school leader focused on instructional leadership.”

Jessica Johnson, principal and co-author of The Coach Approach to School Leadership and Breaking Out of Isolation.

“The author provides a succinct rationale for instructional leadership and underscores the importance of classroom visits to gain decisional information—information that instructional leaders use to assess curriculum, make budgetary decisions related to the best ways to support teachers and understand student needs. Of course, the collateral benefits of classroom visibility are many, including increased professional and collegial relationships with staff and opportunities for professional development for both teacher and observer.”

Marilyn King, deputy superintendent of instruction, Bozeman Public Schools, Montana
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