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Elevate School-Based Professional Learning

By: Joellen Killion, William A. Sommers, Ann Delehant

Empower teachers to design, implement, and evaluate their own school-based professional learning to improve collective teacher efficacy and impact student achievement. This book offers tools and strategies for creating effective school professional development that most directly ties to daily application of skills.

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Implement school-based PD based on authors’ research and real experiences with strategies that work

Collaborative staff development in education is the vehicle to student success, and research shows that the closer professional learning is to daily practice, the more meaningful and impactful it will be. Written with deep respect for the work educators do in their classrooms each day, this practical resource illustrates the importance of school-based professional learning and offers guidance on how to implement it.

This book provides essential knowledge and tools so that teachers, teacher leaders, staff development coordinators, instructional coaches, principals, and district leaders can:

  • Collaboratively study and solve issues unique to their schools
  • Conduct professional learning and skill application in tandem
  • Access collaborative learning tools and techniques for implementing, assessing, maintaining, growing, and reflecting on school-based professional learning
  • Learn how to collect and analyze data to determine the focus of their school-based professional learning
  • Understand how to reach learning goals by developing essential knowledge, attitudes, skills, aspirations, and behaviors
  • Gain insight into the personal and systemwide benefits of school-based professional learning and how to meet and move beyond the challenges of implementing this model

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ISBN: 9781954631397

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