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Adapting Unstoppable Learning

Edited by: Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey

By: Yazmin Pineda Zapata, Rebecca Brooks

This guide expands upon the Unstoppable Learning model to explore accessible learning for students with needs from disabilities to twice-exceptionality.

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Adapting Unstoppable Learning

This practical guide expands upon the elements of the Unstoppable Learning model—(1) planning, (2) launching, (3) consolidating, (4) assessing, (5) adapting, (6) managing, and (7) leading—to explore accessible learning for all students. Through specific accommodations and modifications, K–12 teachers will discover how to provide effective differentiated instruction to students with varying needs. Forms, tools, and diagrams designed to aid instructional planning are also included.

  • Learn how to adjust curriculum in ways that maintain appropriate levels of rigor for all students.
  • Consider real school vignettes and examples that illustrate successful Unstoppable Learning adaptations.
  • Study the four guiding principles of systems thinking: relationships, communications, responsiveness, and sustainability.
  • Consider the importance of collaboration and communication in learning adaptations.

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Product Code: BKF734

ISBN: 9781943874217

Published By: Solution Tree

Adapting Unstoppable Learning by Yazmin Pineda Zapata and Rebecca Brooks is a gift to every busy educator looking for accessible frameworks and intelligent, useful tools for adapting curriculum, instruction, and assessment for a diverse student population. Among the many features of this unstoppable but concise book are the clear, concise examples of how to adapt, the attention to twice-exceptional learners who are gifted and have a disability, and the adaption-friendly tools that readers can download and reproduce free of charge. Having had, in the early 1980s, a hand in crafting and using the original student profile and infused skills grid featured in this book, I know the power of these tools. They open the eyes of educators, the doors of classrooms, and the windows of curriculum access for students whose strengths and gifts might not otherwise be readily visible.”

Dr. Jacqueline Thousand, professor emerita, California State University San Marcos

“This book contains practical, proven tools and strategies for supporting diverse learners in inclusive classrooms. It is a rich resource containing conceptual frameworks and processes, as well as examples and access to downloadable tools. Adapting Unstoppable Learning is a must-have resource for anyone interested in facilitating successful inclusion.”

Richard A. Villa, EdD, president, Bayridge Consortium, Inc.

Adapting Unstoppable Learning is a phenomenal resource for educators invested in meeting the needs of all students. Yazmin Pineda Zapata and Rebecca Brooks do an extraordinary job providing the reader with countless strategies for student success. Strategies listed in the book are followed by concrete examples, thereby making it incredibly easy for collaborating educators to understand and ultimately implement these techniques with individual students, as well as groups of students within the classroom.”

Elizabeth Castagnera, special education teacher, Grossmont Union High School District

Adapting Unstoppable Learning is a resource that should be in the hands of every teacher—both special education and general education—principal, and special education director. Our charge as educators is to provide all students access to the richness of the core curriculum. The key word is access—not exposure. This book is a guide to making this charge a reality. The researched-based approach to learning, coupled with the practical strategies for designing accessible lessons, make Adapting Unstoppable Learning a tool that will open doors for struggling students to experience successful learning in the general education classroom. Authors Pineda Zapata and Brooks are educators in the truest sense of the word. Their day-to-day work with students shows us that adaptations, modifications, and supports are not just doable but are a necessary component to providing access to the rigors of learning for all. This book provides an opportunity for learning and insight for those who do the important work of teaching to reflect on the question, What best serves our students, and how do we make that happen?”

Becky Brockman, executive director of special services, Snohomish School District

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