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Not Yet . . . And That’s OK

How Productive Struggle Fosters Student Learning

By: Peg Grafwallner

Every learning challenge is an empowering opportunity to grow. With this teacher-friendly resource, you will learn how to help your students celebrate the academic experience, embrace productive struggle, and deeply value themselves as learners and risk-takers.

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Not Yet . . . And That’s OK

Every learning challenge is an empowering opportunity to grow. In Not Yet . . . And That’s OK, author Peg Grafwallner shares how teachers can help students celebrate the academic experience and all it has to offer. Learn specific ways to cultivate a not-yet classroom where productive struggle is encouraged, obstacles are valued, and students see themselves as capable learners and risk-takers.

  • Learn how to design classrooms and routines that normalize productive struggle as part of the learning process.
  • Discover how to write and apply rigorous learning intentions and scaffolded success criteria that are student friendly.
  • Study classroom scenarios and authentic, firsthand look-insides of educators demonstrating the not-yet approach.
  • Find out how to communicate with colleagues, students, and parents and guardians to foster positive relationships.
  • Receive strategies, protocols, and reproducibles that support instruction, reflection, and the not-yet approach.

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Product Code: BKG008, EKF570

ISBN: 9781952812255

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 248

Not Yet . . . And That’s OK demonstrates the why and how of creating resilient learners through the power of yet. The book is written practically and is a must-read for any educator who is eager to help students overcome the kinds of learning struggles that will surely bring success to their future.”

Starr Sackstein, author

Not Yet . . . And That’s OK is a timely book for educators as they address gaps in learning. It includes personal anecdotes that humanize the challenges teachers encounter as we seek to ensure all students are successful. Along with research-based findings, Peg Grafwallner has also incorporated practical, implementable ideas by including templates and suggestions from teachers. This book is a perfect resource for a book discussion, with thoughtful questions at the end of each chapter.”

Rebecca Stobaugh, author, Fifty Strategies to Boost Cognitive Engagement: Creating a Thinking Culture in the Classroom

“So many times, I leave professional development sessions understanding a need to change my teaching approach but with no concrete idea of what my solution should look like. Peg Grafwallner provides suggestions and examples I can immediately put to use as I work toward creating an environment that reintroduces the joy of learning while preserving the integrity of education. It provides the answers I’ve been looking for to move students forward in their education with an emphasis on learning rather than students just “redoing” challenging work to accumulate points or opting out of that work entirely.”

Stacey Bonderer, English Language Arts Teacher, Fulton High School, Missouri

“This is an extraordinary book, research based, classroom perfected, and perfect for now. I love Peg’s not-yet approach, which de-emphasizes grading in favor of impactful feedback, intentional reflection, and much more. This approach, which she supports with useful templates and real-world success stories, will help all students reach their potential, overcoming obstacles along the way.”

Rita M. Wirtz, Former Principal and Author, Reading Champions! Teaching Reading Made Easy
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