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  1. Michael D. Bayewitz

    Professional Learning Communities at Work®

    Michael Bayewitz is the principal of Cloverly Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland. He has previously served as a director of elementary schools, principal, assistant principal, and classroom teacher.

  2. Scott Beattie

    Professional Learning Communities at Work®

    Scott M. Beattie is the assistant superintendent for instruction of the Windsor Central School District in Windsor, New York. With over 15 years experience, he specializes in professional learning community and Community School implementation, technology integration, and K–12 career pathway development.

  3. Becky Jo Evers-Gerdes

    Becky Jo Evers-Gerdes, EdD, is the dean of academics at Loyola Catholic School in Mankato, Minnesota. Becky earned her master’s degree from Minnesota State University and doctorate from Bethel University.

  4. Linda Beggs

    Linda Beggs has more than 30 years of organizational development experience, specializing in culture, change, and team effectiveness. She collaborates with schools to create a high-trust culture essential to implementing wraparound resource centers.

  5. Chris Beingessner

    Chris Beingessner is the middle school principal of Singapore American School, located in the Woodlands area of Singapore. He has been a vice principal in elementary, middle and high schools around the world and has taught grades 1–12.

  6. Kendra Bell

    Priority Schools in a PLC at Work™ Professional Learning Communities at Work®

    Kendra Bell, PhD, serves as the chief academic support officer for Peoria Unified School District in Arizona. Throughout her career, Dr. Bell has emphasized the importance of continual improvement through professional learning communities.

  7. Heather Bell-Williams

    Heather Bell-Williams is principal of Milltown Elementary School in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. She has been in education since 1988 and has served as a classroom teacher, resource teacher, vice principal, district coordinator, and elementary principal.

  8. Kate Bellanca

    Kate Bellanca has 20 years of experience working directly and digitally with districts, schools, families, and other helping professionals to improve learning outcomes through professional development.

  9. James A. Bellanca

    James A. Bellanca is nationally recognized as a practical 21st century skills and deeper learning innovator who helps educators make project- and problem-based learning ready to go on the next school day.

  10. Brian Benevides

    Professional Learning Communities at Work®

    Brian Benevides is the principal at Glenmoor Elementary in Fremont, California. With over 25 years of experience as an educator, he specializes in the development of professional learning communities and strong leadership teams.