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From Burnt Out to Fired Up

Reigniting Your Passion for Teaching

By: Morgane Michael

Overwhelmed teachers, this book is for you. The truth is that you can be remarkable without burning out. Drawing from the latest research and her own teaching experiences, author Morgane Michael delivers research-backed strategies to replenish your well-being and reignite your passion for your purpose.

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From Burnt Out to Fired Up

Overwhelmed teachers, this book is for you. The truth is that you can be remarkable without burning out. Drawing from the latest research and her own teaching experiences, author Morgane Michael delivers doable strategies to reignite your passion and replenish your well-being. Make a commitment today to begin a new chapter—one where you continue to make a difference while maintaining a deep sense of wellness, worthiness, and wholeheartedness.

  • Learn why burnout happens and what you can do to thrive once again.
  • Explore the five Rs—reflect, reframe, refocus, reconnect, and reveal—and understand how each can help counter burnout.
  • Acquire a clear roadmap for reigniting your love for teaching.
  • Inspire others to reignite their own passion for education.
  • Discover how to sustain your passion and avoid burnout going forward.

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ISBN: 9781952812637

“It's never been more important (and more stressful) to be a teacher. This generous and useful book is a chance to find your way back to the things that matter.”

Seth Godin, Author, Stop Stealing Dreams

“Morgane Michael has written a wonderful primer to reignite teacher passion and compassion. Her 5 Rs framework helps educators grow the inner means with which to thrive and joyfully engage the art of teaching. Teachers will love this highly affirming book.”

Raffi Cavoukian, Singer, Author, and Founder, Raffi Foundation For Child Honouring

“I didn’t know how much I needed this book until I read it. That’s what teaching does to you at times—it pulls you down and drags things out. It is hard, and it is exhausting. It calls on us to be relentlessly and compassionately giving of ourselves. From Burnt Out to Fired Up comes to the rescue! Morgane not only reminds us of our why in education, she ignites a fire for each educator to explore personal fulfillment, meaning, and belonging in their teaching practice. Her storytelling, her depth of expertise, and her compassion all shine through in this fantastic offering. This book is a must read for all educators. Trust me, your heart will thank you!”

Trevor MacKenzie, Inquiry-based Educator, Author, Speaker, and Consultant

“Morgane strikes the perfect balance between pause and pursue. Educators everywhere will feel seen by her compassion and inspired by her commitment. Weaving stories from her delightful podcast with the latest research, From Burnt Out to Fired Up is a critical work at a pivotal time in the history of teaching.”

Brian Miller, Human Connection Specialist and Author, Three New People

From Burnt Out to Fired Up is an invaluable resource for all teachers at this difficult time in education. Michaels has created a timely and needed book for educators that is full of research, real-life stories, strategies, and necessary reminders for intentional long-term well-being and greater resilience. This book will give teachers who are struggling the support, the courage, and the road map to keep doing the work they love and feel fired up to show up, first for themselves and then for their classrooms and school community.”

Lisa Baylis, Educator and Author, Self-Compassion for Educators

From Burnt Out to Fired Up felt like a beautiful gift from Morgane Michael. In reading it, I felt affirmed and rejuvenated in refocusing on my passion and on exploring intentional acts that can lead to positive, lifelong change in my practice as an educator and as a human on this planet. The book left me feeling excited to explore my own curiosities and creativity further as I reconnect and refocus on myself and those around me. I feel prepared to take on this year with renewed energy and focus and with a road map that will help me to mindfully participate and lead as a change maker in the world of education. Thank you, Morgane!”

Laurie McIntosh, Kindergarten Teacher and Author, Teachers These Days
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