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  1. Lee Canter

    Canter's Classroom Management

    Lee Canter is a world-renowned expert on classroom management. His acclaimed Assertive Discipline® program has been the gold standard in the field since it was first introduced in 1976.

  2. Tom Castellano

    Canter's Classroom Management

    Tom Castellano has 50 years of experience in education. He shares his knowledge with educators as a consultant who offers presentations and workshops on Lee Canter’s relationship-based classroom management.

  3. Carolyn Reedom

    Canter's Classroom Management

    Carolyn Reedom, PhD, is an adjunct professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and a visiting professor at universities across the country.

  4. Janet Robinson

    Canter's Classroom Management

    Janet Robinson has worked in education for more than 40 years, serving as teacher, counselor, school psychologist, assistant superintendent, a senior consultant for Lee Canter and Associates, and a superintendent.

  5. Vic Schneidman

    Canter's Classroom Management

    Vic Schneidman has more than forty years of teaching experience, which has allowed him to write and direct grants for peer mediation and conflict resolution, serve as a department chair, and adopt science textbooks for the state of California.

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