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Motivated to Learn

Decreasing Challenging Student Behaviors and Increasing Academic Engagement

By: Staci M. Zolkoski, Calli Lewis Chiu, Mandy E. Lusk

Classroom management can be a challenge without the right skills. With the straightforward strategies gained from Motivated to Learn, motivate and engage your students to actively participate in learning while equipping them to better focus in the classroom.

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Format: Paperback

Your guide to evidence-based practices for effective classroom management

Imagine a day in the classroom where you can devote all your energy to student learning instead of battling challenging behavior. In Motivated to Learn, you will gain evidence-based approaches for engaging students and equipping them to better focus in the classroom. With this book’s straightforward strategies, you can learn to motivate all your students to actively participate in learning.

PreK–12 educators will:

  • Discover the root causes of challenging behavior
  • Learn how to implement student choices in the classroom
  • Explore self-monitoring as a way to improve social behavior and academic success
  • Examine precorrection as a way to be proactive in the classroom when it comes to challenging behaviors

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKG037

ISBN: 9781952812835

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 208

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