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The New Art and Science of Teaching Science

By: Brett Erdmann, Troy Gobble, Robert J. Marzano, Steven M. Wood

This essential resource supports teachers by providing research-based ideas, strategies, and activities to enhance teaching and promote student learning and achievement in science.

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Your guide to creating learning opportunities for student engagement and enrichment

Strengthen science education practice based on Robert J. Marzano’s instructional framework, the New Art and Science of Teaching. Readers will learn 10 design areas within the categories of feedback, content, and context; examine proven instructional elements embedded in the framework; and gain strategies for improving teacher effectiveness and collaboration in the science classroom. Driven by data, this book positions teachers to nurture student success.

Teacher leaders can unite their teams to:

  • Understand the New Art and Science of Teaching model as it applies to science instruction
  • Learn to engage and motivate students through a wide variety of instructional strategies
  • Better utilize formal and informal assessments
  • Improve the organization and layout of the classroom to facilitate student growth
  • Understand how to implement the various guiding questions for curriculum design to best plan classroom strategies

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKF808, EKF401

ISBN: 9781945349607

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 184

The New Art and Science of Teaching Science is packed with practical, focused insights specific to teaching science. Drawing from years of experience, the authors combine their observations of hundreds of teachers with the best research in the field, give clear advice, and initiate important conversations of what it means to get students to 'do science.' This book provides the road map science teachers need to engage students in what makes them curious, inquisitive, and dedicated to confront the scientific challenges of the future.”

Mark Onuscheck, director of curriculum, instruction, and assessment, Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, Illinois

“The authors provide a framework for teachers to focus their efforts in teaching science. They identify key areas and elements of teaching and learning, and, most important, they provide real classroom examples in action. Every teacher will find something in this book that they are familiar with, but the true value is its ability to help teachers chart a research-based path to improved student learning.”

Ken Mattingly, retired middle school science teacher and assessment associate

The New Art and Science of Teaching Science sets the standard for science education! This is the book to read as a science teacher to spark creativity with colleagues and improve instruction. Each element contains a self-rating scale, which allows educators to score themselves and identify strengths and areas of needed growth, and the abundance of research-driven strategies and activities help science teachers positively impact student achievement.”

Alexander Aschoff, district coordinator of data, research, and evaluation for Proviso Township High Schools, District 209

The New Art and Science of Teaching Science is packed with practical ways for science teachers to embed the research-based framework of the Art and Science of Teaching into science instruction. Based on the clear examples and detailed step-by-step instructions, teachers can immediately infuse the suggested strategies into instruction. . . . This is a must-have for science teachers and those who work to improve instruction to support student learning in the sciences.”

Jeanne Spiller, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning, Kildeer Countryside School District 96, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

“What makes The New Art and Science of Teaching Science stand out is the practitioners’ wisdom. . . . Based on the lived experiments and experiences of the authors, this book provides a focused foundation for every science teacher to open access to and inspire student success in science learning.”

Timothy D. Kanold, former director of mathematics and science, superintendent, District 49, Lincolnshire, Illinois
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