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Women Who Lead

Insights, Inspiration, and Guidance to Grow as an Educator

Edited by: Janel Keating, Jasmine K. Kullar

Contributors: Yvette Jackson, Carmen Jiménez, Joellen Killion, Janel Keating, Julie A. Schmidt, Suzette Lovely, Heather Friziellie, Jessica Kanold-McIntyre, Jasmine K. Kullar, Tina H. Boogren, Bob Sonju, Jason A. Andrews

Women Who Lead offers insight and strategies on effective women in educational leadership practices and how to nurture your professional growth in this male-dominated field.

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Format: Paperback

Your blueprint on how to promote gender equality in educational leadership and end the broken rung once and for all

Get motivated by this collection of voices from women in leadership and their allies. Janel Keating and Jasmine K. Kullar gather a wide variety of educational leaders to focus on effective leadership practices as they relate to women, the roadblocks and complications women face in professional advancement, and strategies for lifting off the sticky floor and breaking the glass ceiling.

Aspiring educational leaders and current leaders seeking professional growth will:

  • Gain insight into the unique challenges faced by women in education as well as strategies for overcoming them
  • Focus on the importance of mentoring and building up the next generation of female leaders
  • Obtain tools to better advocate and self-market for the next career move
  • Receive compassionate advice on implementing self-care strategies to avoid teacher burnout
  • Cultivate confidence in women’s leadership and advance successful schools

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Product Code: BKF991

ISBN: 9781951075811

Published By: Solution Tree

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