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Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom

Teaching & Learning in a Web 2.0 World

By: Meg Ormiston

This book provides a research base and practical strategies for using web 2.0 tools to create engaging lessons that transform and enrich content.

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Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom

Instead of asking students to power down during class, power up your lesson plans with digital tools. Design and deliver lessons in which technology plays an integral role. Engage students in solving real-world problems while staying true to standards-aligned curricula. This book provides a research base and practical strategies for using web 2.0 tools to create engaging lessons that transform and enrich content.

2011 Foreword Book of the Year Honorable Mention

  • Learn how to use technology to support and enhance standards-aligned curricula.
  • Gain high-tech, budget-friendly tools you can use to create highly engaged classrooms.
  • Explore a compendium of web 2.0 tools organized for quick reference.

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Product Code: BKF385

ISBN: 9781935249870

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 160

“Technology and education are terrific partners, if teachers take control to establish them as such. [This book] discusses how technology can be used to its fullest as a learning tool as author Meg Ormiston suggests ways to use Web 2.0 to make it so the internet is the classroom, helping them find information, and find new ways to use old curriculum. For any tech-savvy teacher who rightfully believes the internet is the future, [this book] is the road map you need to make the web-infused classroom a reality.”

The Midwest Book Review, July 2011

“There is too much of a gap between how kids are learning outside and inside of the classroom. The Web 2.0 world is here, and it's here to stay, so all educators should take advantage of this incredible resource and learn effective ways to harness this technology to increase engagement and achievement.

“This is NOT a book for your technology experts; they already know about most of these tools. Instead, it is for all teachers who want to discover new ways to use technology—even if it is just one baby step—in their daily teaching.

“Furthermore, both high-performing and struggling schools will reap benefits from increasing their technology use. High test scores do not necessarily mean that a school has high engagement, and technology can address this issue.”

The Main Idea, 2011

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