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Best Practices for Classroom Assessment in a Virtual or Blended Environment Portable Event Package

Virtual Event | December 15, 2020–December 31, 2021
USD $289.00
  • Participants have full access to sessions for 30 days after activation.

Best Practices for Classroom Assessment in a Virtual or Blended Environment Portable Event Package

Designing and employing quality assessments in a virtual or blended environment can be a challenge. How do we know the information students produce offers a comprehensive and honest representation of what they know and can do? How can we navigate the challenges of some students remaining in a virtual environment, while others are in school? And how can we best prepare for the unknown circumstances before us? With this portable event, you will learn directly from Solution Tree Assessment Center experts as they share tips, strategies, and tools to help you navigate modern uncertainty with readiness and confidence.

Choose this Portable Event Package to receive 30-day access to:

  • Two inspiring keynotes
  • Nine in-depth learning sessions

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify and explore effective intervention and instruction strategies.
  • Be able to provide feedback and create a culture of trust so students use feedback and grow.
  • Learn the key characteristics of the process of instructional agility and formative assessment, and the actions and strategies that lead to high levels of achievement.
  • Recognize challenges and learn strategies and problem-solving methods to employ effective and efficient feedback practices in these unprecedented times.
  • Explore applications to support remote learning, whether synchronous or asynchronous.
  • Explore designing a 21st-century skill-based assessment.
  • Begin to refocus your reassessment lens on standards rather than weighted task types.
  • Understand the fundamentals of designing high-quality, authentic, and sophisticated performance assessments.

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You will receive a certificate of participation after completing each session.

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