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  1. The Summit on PLC at Work® - SOLD OUT

    Phoenix, Arizona |  February 28–March 2, 2023

    Achieve equity. Elevate learning. With top-notch training delivered by nationally renowned experts, the Summit will transform the way you think about PLC.

  2. Standards-Based Learning in Action Workshop

    San Diego, California |  March 6–7, 2023

    Presenters: Garnet Hillman

    You have a vision for student achievement. Now it’s time to take action. During this workshop, you will discover how to foster rich, rigorous, and authentic learning experiences through an effective system of standards-based learning.


    Seats available

  3. Amplify Your Impact: Coaching Collaborative Teams in PLCs at Work® Workshop - SOLD OUT

    Little Rock, Arkansas |  March 6–7, 2023

    Presenters: Tesha Ferriby Thomas

    Learn how to provide the clarity, feedback, and support necessary for teams to grow in the right work and leave with a plan for implementing best coaching practices in your school or district.

  4. Teams: The Engine That Drives a Professional Learning Community at Work® Workshop - SOLD OUT

    Atlanta, Georgia |  March 7–8, 2023

    This two-day workshop will highlight what leaders and teams do to improve their professional practice in an effort to help more students learn at higher levels.

  5. Mathematics at Work™: Best Practices for Teams Workshop - SOLD OUT

    Little Rock, Arkansas |  March 8–9, 2023

    Learn how to prepare and develop meaningful mathematics instruction and assessment processes with the rigor and coherence expected by all states.

  6. School Improvement for All Workshop

    San Diego, California |  March 8–9, 2023

    Presenters: Sarah Schuhl

    During this two-day workshop, Sharon Kramer shares a clear path to continuous improvement. Teachers and administrators will discover how to work together as a team of leaders to create systematic processes and implement best practices that ensure the learning of every student.


    Seats available

  7. Yes We Can! An Unprecedented Opportunity to Improve Special Education Outcomes - SOLD OUT

    Atlanta, Georgia |  March 9–10, 2023

    During this hands-on training designed for school or districtwide teams, general and special educators will discover how to utilize PLC best practices to develop collaborative partnerships and identify high-leverage structures and strategies that will level the playing field, accelerate learning, and support success for all students.

  8. Designing Engaging Assessments in Five Essential Phases Workshop

    San Francisco, California |  March 13–14, 2023

    Presenters: Nicole Dimich

    Deepen your understanding of formative and summative assessments, and learn how to design assessments that guide instruction, involve students, and communicate learning.


    Seats available

  9. Behavior Solutions: A Practical Road Map for SEL Success in All Tiers Workshop - SOLD OUT

    New Orleans, Louisiana |  March 13–14, 2023

    Fostering positive behavior and SEL by utilizing the PLC at Work® and RTI at Work™ processes will boost your school’s positive school culture, increase attendance, improve behavior, prepare students for life, and address inequities in school discipline. This workshop is designed to create a practical road map for meeting the needs of the whole child.

  10. Response to Intervention at Work™ Workshop

    New Orleans, Louisiana |  March 15–16, 2023

    Presenters: Mike Mattos

    Discover how to build and sustain a schoolwide or districtwide RTI program that is efficient, effective, and equitable.


    Seats available