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The Neglected Skill Set for Empowering Students: Revised Edition

By: Robin J. Fogarty, Brian M. Pete

Rely on Metacognition to help you empower your students to become mindful, reflective, and proficient thinkers and problem solvers. This resource offers research-based instructional strategies and mindfulness activities for lesson planning. Boost student self-confidence with constructive feedback that promotes internal reflection.

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Your planning guide to teaching mindful, reflective, proficient thinkers and problem solvers

Empower your students to become mindful, reflective, and proficient thinkers and problem solvers. In Metacognition, authors Robin J. Fogarty and Brian M. Pete provide a practical framework to nurture these essential skills in every learner. Research-based and classroom-approved, this resource is a must-read for educators committed to strengthening student self-awareness, self-assessment, and self-confidence for school and life.

  • Explore research that shows teaching metacognition—or reflective thinking—is one of the most high-impact strategies available to educators.
  • Acquire practices designed to empower learners to cultivate awareness and control over their own thinking.
  • Learn how to encourage students with positive feedback to go beyond the “right” answer by thinking deeply and critically.
  • Study the three categorical labels for the strategies that will help students develop metacognitive behaviors: (1) planning, (2) monitoring, and (3) evaluating.
  • Record and reflect on how you incorporate the teaching strategies into your classroom.

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Product Code: BKB008

ISBN: 9781951075354

“Fogarty and Pete explain the evidence-based research about why metacognitive skills are critical to educating students and wisely apply that knowledge to the classroom setting. This exceptional, easy-to-read book includes proven strategies and tools for increasing student awareness and success. Well written, accessible, and graphically inviting, this book is a must-read for all teachers!”

Marilyn Price-Mitchell, educator and developmental psychologist

“In this book, Fogarty and Pete provide a wealth of grounded, thoughtfully organized, accessible, and practical tools for teacher and student use in developing student agency. Its progressions hold real promise for mentoring students to success in the classroom and beyond its doors.”

Carol Ann Tomlinson, William Clay Parrish Jr. Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia

Metacognition: The Neglected Skill Set for Empowering Students is a great resource for educators looking to incorporate metacognition instruction into their teaching. The strategies in the book are laid out clearly and with concrete examples of how they might be used in classrooms. Going a step further, Fogarty and Pete also provide a road map for readers to adapt each strategy for their teaching context and engage in reflective practice following its implementation in the classroom.”

Markeya Peteranetz, learning assessment coordinator, University of Nebraska–Lincoln