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  1. The Authentic Standards-Based Environment

    A Systematic Approach to Learning Targets, Assessment, and Data

    Implementing a true standards-based approach to teaching and learning can be complicated work. Author Eileen Depka breaks the process down into logical, doable steps that connect learning targets, rubrics, assessment, and data all back to standards.



  2. The New Art and Science of Teaching Science

    This essential resource supports teachers by providing research-based ideas, strategies, and activities to enhance teaching and promote student learning and achievement in science.



  3. The Road to Success With MTSS

    A Ten-Step Process for Schools

    This practical guide offers a road map for educational leaders and teachers embarking on the journey to create an effective implementation plan for RTI and MTSS, as well as those who are looking to reflect, refine, and improve current practices.



  4. The Keynote Toolkit

    Specially curated for educators who have experienced a PLC at Work® Institute, the Keynote Toolkit contains books written by experts who have inspired you from the stage. Robert Eaker, Anthony Muhammad, Mike Mattos, Jeanne Spiller, and other phenomenal experts dig into today’s hot-button professional development topics.
    30% off regular retail price when you buy these resources as a toolkit.



  5. The RTI Toolkit

    Designed by proven RTI experts, this curated kit includes books and DVD sets that will help your school ensure learning for all for years to come.
    15% off regular retail price of these resources when you buy them as a toolkit. You save $169!


    Paperback, Video

  6. The PLC Toolkit

    Powerful Tools for Improving Your School

    Discover the tools you need to transform your school into a successful PLC. This package of self-guided educational leadership books includes 31 books and a subscription to AllThingsPLC Magazine. Explore practical strategies, tips, and learning essentials to help you discover collaborative learning solutions and amplify your impact.
    15% off regular retail price when you buy these resources as a toolkit.
    You save over $181!



  7. The Assessment Toolkit

    Designed by leading assessment experts, this curated toolkit includes thirty-two books for whole-school professional development.
    15% off regular retail price of these resources when you buy them as a toolkit. You save $186.



  8. The Brilliance in the Building

    Effecting Change in Urban Schools With the PLC at Work® Process

    By: Bo Ryan

    This essential guide for urban teachers and leaders delivers field-tested strategies for supporting successful Professional Learning Communities at Work®. Learn how to use the “brilliance in the building” and implement specific action steps to reach high levels of student achievement.



  9. Jackpot!

    Nurturing Student Investment Through Assessment

    A shift in the educator’s mindset is needed to inspire student engagement and create a positive learning experience. Jackpot! offers immediate actions and addresses the mindset shift teachers must make to truly achieve student investment in their classrooms.



  10. The Language of Possibility

    How Teachers’ Words Shape School Culture and Student Achievement

    Does your language lift or limit your students? In this essential resource, school improvement expert Michael Roberts uses brain-based research to address the stifling effects “teacher talk” has on student growth and school culture.



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