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  1. Mindset for Success

    The Powerful Partnership of Problem-Based Learning and PLC at Work®

    Build a mindset for collaborative learning using the problem-based learning approach. With a guided plan and scenarios designed to facilitate a shift in thinking, leaders and teacher teams will walk away feeling mentally prepared to navigate the PLC process.



  2. Reading and Writing Strategies for the Secondary Mathematics Classroom in a PLC at Work®

    Equip your students with the literacy support they need to think, read, and write like mathematicians. With literacy strategies that form students’ ability to estimate, interpret, reason, and understand cause-and-effect relationships, teachers can prepare students for their future beyond school.



  3. Learning by Doing, Fourth Edition

    A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work®

    The fourth edition of this comprehensive action guide provides new strategies for leveraging PLC for a highly effective multitiered system of supports, expert-led guidance on school culture, and a deeper discussion on connecting school improvement to the mission of helping all students succeed.



  4. Beyond PLC Lite

    Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning in a Professional Learning Community at Work®

    Designed for teachers and leaders who want to disrupt the status quo, bust out of PLC Lite, and persistently pursue a culture of continuous improvement, this book carries it all. It emphasizes creating a student-centered approach to teaching and learning in a PLC that prioritizes student agency and efficacy.



  5. The 15-Day Challenge

    Simplify and Energize Your PLC at Work® Process

    Simplicity of the PLC process and energy to drive the work are essential for teams to collaborate successfully. Author Maria Nielsen provides you with the structure and tools you need to confidently utilize both of these staples to become a high-functioning professional learning community.



  6. AllThingsPLC Magazine Subscription

    AllThingsPLC Magazine is a must-have for emerging and veteran professional learning communities (PLCs). Each issue includes PLC research, inspiration, fixes, how-tos, and more.



  7. The Way Forward

    PLC at Work® and the Bright Future of Education

    Read, reflect, and act with educator and best-selling author Anthony Muhammad as he dives into the educational hurdles of the past, pairing them with tips to face the current challenges in education and ways to build a better tomorrow—all through the PLC at Work® process, a powerful disrupter in the world of education.



  8. Simplifying the Journey

    Six Steps to Schoolwide Collaboration, Consistency, and Clarity in a PLC at Work®

    Simplifying the Journey is not just another manual; it’s a road map for teacher and team transformation,” authors Bob Sonju, Maren Powers, and Sheline Miller write. Packed with strategies, tools, and step-by-step actions, this book is your go-to guide for efficient, productive collaboration among your teams.



  9. Through New Eyes, Second Edition

    Examining the Culture of Your School

    Discover what a collaborative culture of student-centered learning looks like through the eyes of a struggling learner. Recorded at the award-winning Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois, this video workshop is a great way to build unity around the why behind PLC at Work®: learning for all.


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  10. Mathematics Instruction and Tasks in a PLC at Work®, Second Edition

    Gain lesson-design strategies and instructional methods of teaching mathematics in a professional learning community (PLC). This results-oriented book presents an approach for teaching math that supports student perseverance and learning through standards-based activities and lessons.