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What Principals Need to Know About Teaching and Learning Reading

By: Patricia M. Cunningham, James W. Cunningham

Principals will discover strategies for improving reading programs based on the six truths of reading instruction, comprehensive strategies, and other beneficial assessment tools.

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What Principals Need to Know About Teaching and Learning Reading

Principals will discover practical strategies for strengthening and improving reading programs using the foundation established by the authors' six truths of reading instruction. Explore comprehensive, multifaceted instruction techniques, as well as additional steps you can take to support students directly. Identify and troubleshoot problems your teachers may face, and gain valuable approaches to topics such as reading comprehension, vocabulary and literacy, and phonics and fluency.

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2013 AEP Award Finalist 2013 AEP Golden Lamp Award Finalist

  • Find practical, research-based strategies to strengthen or improve the effectiveness of school reading programs.
  • Access free, downloadable reproducibles and suggested resources to support efforts to transform school reading programs.
  • Understand the obstacles that impede effective reading instruction, and obtain recommendations for overcoming them.
  • Receive tips for creating master schedules that prioritize student and teacher needs first.
  • Gain strategies for supporting struggling readers and English learners.

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Product Code: BKF563

ISBN: 9781936765539

Published By: National Association of Elementary School Principals

Page Count: 128

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