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Comprehensive K–12 mathematics professional development

Our On-Site Professional Learning for Mathematics at Work™

Bring high-quality, research-based mathematics professional development to your school or district. Our Mathematics at Work experts and professional development workshops/seminars will help you establish a reflect, refine, and act formative learning process for students, teachers, and mathematics education leaders. Establish math strategies for assessment, intervention, homework, and lesson designs that ensure every student can learn mathematics.


Timothy D. Kanold explains the Mathematics at Work™ framework and how it improves student learning.

Where are you on your professional learning journey?

Your Goal

Building Your Skills

One‑Day Services


An expert author or Mathematics at Work certified associate will educate and motivate your team to support high levels of mathematics teaching and learning.

Effective Mathematics Assessment and Intervention in a PLC at Work®

Elevate mathematics assessment and intervention practices across grades preK–12. During this on-site service, teachers, teams, and leaders reflect upon and refine mathematics assessments based on an eight-criteria common assessment model and learn how to strengthen Tier 2 mathematics RTI programs based on a five-criteria model.

  • Make sense of the grade-level content standards and corresponding assessment tasks.
  • Design high-quality common unit assessments and learn how to score them accurately.
  • Develop a Tier 2 mathematics intervention program that helps ensure all students succeed in mathematics.

Mathematics Assessment and Intervention, 2nd Edition

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Effective Mathematics Instructions and Tasks in a PLC at Work®

Strengthen the engagement and comprehension of every learner of mathematics. Throughout this one-day service, participants will explore the elements of effective lesson design and discover how to utilize balanced rigor, discourse, and technology to teach each mathematics content standard during core instruction.

  • Identify content standards students must learn in a unit and the appropriate tasks needed to develop conceptual understanding, application, and fluency progressions.
  • Develop high-quality lessons and instructional strategies to ensure the formative learning of all students during the lesson.
  • Explore the six criteria of highly effective daily mathematics lesson planning.

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Effective Mathematics Homework and Grading in a PLC at Work®

Discover how to inspire student learning, action, and perseverance with the support of our mathematics experts. During this service, your team will receive custom guidance as you work to develop best practices for homework and implement research-based grading processes that provide meaningful formative feedback to students.

  • Identify the purpose and effective uses of homework as a formative feedback process.
  • Design high-quality common unit homework assignments before a unit begins.
  • Understand how to develop equitable student learning routines through all phases of the mathematics grading process.

Mathematics Homework and Grading

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Effective Mathematics Coaching and Collaboration in a PLC at Work®

Develop highly effective mathematics teams committed to high levels of student learning. Built specifically for preK–12 leaders, this on-site service prepares administrators, coaches, and team leads to develop norms, SMART goals, agendas, and a plan for creating a thriving, collaborative mathematics community.

  • Refine practices for teacher team reflection and data analysis.
  • Build a collaborative culture focused on evidence of student learning during the mathematics unit.
  • Use teacher team protocols for analyzing common assessment data and student work to inform future instruction and Tier 2 interventions.

Mathematics Coaching and Collaboration

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Your Goal

Deepening Your Skills

Two‑to‑Four‑Day Services

Mathematics PLC District-Embedded Content and Processes

Meet your districtwide goals for mathematics teaching and learning. Based on your district’s specific needs and challenges, we will develop a highly customized plan for sustainable improvement. A Mathematics at Work™ associate will visit your district multiple times throughout the year to develop your staff’s foundational knowledge and increase their expertise around topics of your choice.

  • Master specific content and processes outlined in the Every Student Can Learn Mathematics series.
  • Provide teachers at every grade level with the opportunity to receive expert guidance and feedback.
  • Receive continuous support from your coach between on-site visits via phone and email support.

Mathematics PLC Unit Planning and Curriculum Mapping

Proactively address mathematics learning gaps by revising existing mathematics unit plans. With expert support, leadership and teacher teams will learn a research-affirmed process for identifying previous grade-level standards not yet learned and embedding them into plans for the current school year.

  • Participate in one to four sessions over the course of a school year, led by certified Mathematics in a PLC at Work coaches.
  • Build mathematics unit plans, calendars, assessments, and interventions that maximize student effort and proficiency.
  • Understand how to fully support students who lack prior knowledge.

Your Goal

Sustaining Your Skills

Multi‑Day Services

Mathematics PLC School Site-Embedded Content and Processes

Partner with a Solution Tree mathematics expert for an in-depth customized professional development experience. A Mathematics at Work™ associate will visit your school site every other month (5–9 visits total) to provide teachers of mathematics with goals-oriented training dedicated to topics of your choice.

Customized Services

Work with us to develop a custom learning plan designed to help teachers of mathematics improve student performance and engagement. Through a targeted mix of on-site professional development and virtual training, your team will receive the support they need to implement best practices in mathematics instruction, assessment, intervention, homework, and grading.

Global PD Teams

Global PD Teams is your one-stop digital resource for professional learning by renowned experts in preK–12 education, including Timothy D. Kanold, Sarah Schuhl, and Mona Toncheff. A wide selection of online videos and learning tools will help you establish a reflect, refine, and act formative learning process for students, teachers, and mathematics education leaders. Choose Global PD Teams when you need:

  • Daily, convenient access to real-time school improvement models and strategies
  • Job-embedded professional development
  • Resources to build collective teacher efficacy
  • Clear learning paths toward student achievement and school improvement
  • Quality content from authors you know and trust