The most distinctive learning experience you can bring to your educators

Sierra Vista USD, Sierra Vista, Arizona. 80 educators participate in a Wired Event.

Give your entire school community a professional learning experience designed to assist you with your unique teacher training and staff development needs and challenges. With Solution Tree Wired Events, you can stream one of our Model Agendas or use our library of recorded expert keynotes to create your own agenda and provide the best professional development for your teachers, leaders, and staff.

Choose a Wired Event solution to:

  • Work with our team to build a tailored agenda using video streaming of recorded Solution Tree event sessions from our most sought-after experts
  • Design a personalized professional development institute filled with hand-selected sessions or workshops for teachers and staff
  • Receive on-site support from a certified Professional Learning Community (PLC) or RTI at Work associate who will lead your Wired Event and facilitate group discussions
  • Cultivate a positive team spirit and use collaborative team time to help achieve your desired learning outcomes
  • Select a resource from a list of our best-selling titles to give to each attendee

How it works

  1. Choose your agenda—Determine whether you would like to create a customized agenda or select one of our Model Agendas.
  2. Personalize your experience—Work with a Solution Tree representative to schedule your dates and programming.
  3. Prepare your entire team—Get your team excited about the training and development, and we'll work with you on the details.
  4. Localize—A hand-selected Solution Tree associate will provide support for your team during your event.
  5. Empower your teams—Provide your staff with tools to advance their development and your students' achievement.

Create your own Wired Event agenda

Contact our Streaming Solutions team to create an agenda that is personalized for your team. Fill out the form below or call us at 877.247.8270 to speak with a representative.

Model Agendas

Foundational PLC at Work® Model Agenda

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The Foundational PLC at Work Model Agenda is designed for those who are new to the PLC at Work process or need a refresher in the beginning stages of implementation. Day one provides an overview of the PLC at Work process and details the school transformation that occurs when teams commit to building a PLC. During day two, teams dive into the work and start the process of developing strategies to build a high-performing school.

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Sustaining PLC at Work® Model Agenda

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The Sustaining PLC at Work Model Agenda helps those already on the PLC journey dive deeper into the work. Sessions address questions and challenges that teams face as they continue to build an effective PLC. Attendees also learn how to close achievement gaps and implement intervention strategies to ensure all students learn at high levels.

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PLC Model Agenda

RTI at Work™ Model Agenda

The RTI at Work Model Agenda assists educators in developing a plan for building a powerful, tiered system of support. Teams learn how to unpack standards, design effective assessments that improve instruction and guide interventions, and target interventions to meet individual student needs.

Featured PLC at Work® and RTI at Work™ Presenters

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