Collaborate to ensure all students succeed

Our On-Site Professional Learning for PLC at Work®

Developing a collaborative PLC culture is the foundation for creating high-performing schools. Begin the next phase of your improvement journey by closing the knowing-doing gap and building a true professional learning community that ensures the success of every student.

With the help of a certified associate, your staff will learn practical strategies for implementing and sustaining the PLC at Work process in your school. There’s never been a better time to do this work.

Where are you on your professional learning journey?

Your team is ready to focus on PLC at Work and start building your expertise. See one-day services

You are ready to deepen your expertise in your journey with PLC at Work. See two-four day services

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Your Goal

Building Your Skills

One‑Day Services


An expert keynote speaker will engage your entire staff with inspirational stories, thought-provoking questions, and no-nonsense strategies to help your school’s PLC and collaborative climate thrive.

PLC at Work Overview

Gain an understanding of the PLC at Work process, including the three big ideas of a PLC: focus on student learning, focus on collaboration, and focus on results—and learn how to customize it to meet your needs. You and your team will:

  • Understand the benefits of PLCs and how to implement them in a school or district.
  • Develop and maintain a healthy collaborative culture.
  • Answer and utilize the four critical questions every PLC must address.

Your Goal

Deepening Your Skills

Two‑Four Day Services

Creating a Collaborative Culture

Learn the key factors and practices to help create a true collaborative culture in your school or district. Establishing a collaborative culture can significantly impact student achievement and professional practice.

  • Gain clarity on the work of teams in a PLC and uncover the elements of effective team development.
  • Emphasize the skills and behaviors that improve communication for individuals and teams.
  • Enhance facilitating data conversations and managing consensus while working together.

Identifying Essential Learnings

Answer, “What is it we want our students to learn?”, the first of the four critical questions of the PLC process. How can teacher teams properly identify these priorities?

  • Work in collaborative teams to come to consensus and understand the need-to-know learning targets that will best prepare students.
  • Ensure high levels of learning for all students.
  • Create a districtwide plan for achieving your learning outcomes.

Overcoming Challenges of Singletons and Small Schools

Discover how small schools that have only one teacher per subject area can build successful PLCs.

  • Identify and put into practice several structures to involve singletons in the PLC process.
  • Align teams to focus on essential skills, even if the content or grade levels are not the same.

Developing Leaders to Support PLC at Work

Do the important work of developing your leaders, utilizing the proven construct of the PLC at Work process.

  • Help other educators clarify their personal vision for the PLC and align daily practices with their goals.
  • Explore strategies for cultivating individual and team-level autonomy within a culture of accountability and high expectations.
  • Foster networks of commitment within the community.

Using Student Data to Inform Instructional Practice

Examine the ways your school and district can better use student achievement data and nonacademic student data to identify areas for improvement.

  • Find and use good data to plan instruction.
  • Determine how effective use of these data can help motivate students.

Progress Report

Receive an unbiased observation of your school’s PLC implementation and effectiveness.

  • An expert facilitation team will conduct an on-site analysis of your current practices.
  • The team will assess your PLC progress and present their findings in a written report highlighting recommendations and next steps for improvement.

Two-Day Overview with the Guiding Coalition

This two-day overview will be with key central office and building personnel who will make up the guiding coalition.


We provide participants with tools and skills to commit to their professional life as educators with engagement and passion. Using research-based findings and practices, participants will learn how to bring energy, perseverance, and impact to their work lives while maintaining motivation, balance, and a deep commitment to learning that drives the work of educators.

School Improvement for All Workshop

This workshop is focused on the practices and processes that will modernize grading and reporting systems to be more aligned to our standards-based instructional paradigm.

  • Acquire strategies that maximize student performance and increase instructional effectiveness.
  • Learn how to implement structural changes that improve school culture.
  • Gain steps for creating common assessments that enhance learning and align with state and national standards.
  • Determine how collaborative teams can plan for a guaranteed and viable curriculum.
  • Explore ways to gather and analyze data in order to examine instructional practices and inform next steps for student learning.

Instructional Coaching in a PLC at Work

Collaborative teams benefit from ongoing coaching and support that helps them put the big ideas of a PLC into action. Learn how administrators, team leaders, and instructional coaches effectively support teams as they implement actions guided by the four critical questions.

  • Understand how to best identify your school’s current reality and use that to plan your team’s next steps as they identify essential standards, write and use common assessments, and develop corrective instruction and intervention.
  • Explore practical protocols, templates, and advice that will help teams in your school/district assure that all students are learning at high levels.
  • Integrate and promote a culture of shared leadership that supports the work of high-performing teams.

Your Goal

Sustaining Your Skills

Multi‑Day Services

Building a PLC at Work Foundation

Create a district guiding coalition. Introduce the PLC at Work process to all of your stakeholders. Develop a shared mission, vision, collective commitments, and goals. Build a sustainable infrastructure and communication process.

Embedded Coaching

Rely on our embedded coaching services to help you ingrain key PLC practices in the culture of your school or district. With help from our experts, both school leaders and staff will learn how to operate as a high-performing PLC and build their collective capacity for continuous improvement. Your coach will empower educators to act as high-functioning teams.

Virtual Coaching

Get focused and productive support for whatever challenges you face. This high-touch PD service is available exclusively for principals and district administrators looking to address critical issues. By meeting with coaches for 10 online sessions throughout the school year, participants gain access to ongoing counsel from experienced coaches. Our coaches are carefully selected based on their expertise and proven success in leading a PLC. We help leaders work through our framework to capitalize on the skills of their staff and identify the right next steps for their school or district.

Customized Services

Our professional learning team will listen to your specific challenges and work with you to create a custom learning plan designed to meet your school or district's needs. By integrating research and evidence-based content along with on-site and virtual training, Solution Tree experts are uniquely positioned to help you design your organizational approach to increase student learning.

Global PD

Designed with educational experts including Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour, Mike Mattos, and Anthony Muhammad, Global PD provides high-quality, goal-oriented virtual trainings, helping you to sustain learning throughout the year.

  • Access hundreds of videos and resources from top authors, including the Learning by Doing video playlist.
  • Receive on-demand, personalized coaching from certified experts.
  • Use online tools to unpack standards, build common assessments, review team data, and manage interventions.

Coaching Academy

A comprehensive series of consulting and professional development engagements designed to prepare school, district, and teacher leaders to build a PLC that provides life-changing learning to students. Research shows that school transformation efforts are most successful and sustainable when there is strong, consistent leadership championing the work.

Carefully developed to maximize participant learning, the academy includes:

  • Three 2-day sessions (six days total) over the course of a school year led by PLC Master Coaches
  • A highly interactive, customizable curriculum developed by a board of top PLC experts
  • Guidance on how to train other staff members on PLC at Work concepts and processes
  • Continuous expert support throughout the academy term

Priority Schools: Needs Assessment and Action Plan Development

Implement systemic change in your school by charting a course focused on increasing student learning. This service examines current practices to significantly improve student achievement.

Priority Schools: Sustaining Continuous Improvement

Implement a continuous improvement cycle based on the alignment of district, school, team, and student goals. Determine the key indicators of success to monitor at the district and school levels.

Priority Schools: Embedded Coaching

Execute PLC strategies and confront challenges head-on with top-of-the-line coaching. Our trusted PLC experts will support you and your staff through every phase of implementation and monitor progress along the way to ensure you hit key benchmarks as you work to achieve sustainable success.

Priority Schools: Content-Specific Training

Work with our team to assess the specific needs of your school, then receive customized training in the content area that will help your students and educators succeed, whether it's mathematics, literacy, assessment, or other topics.