Instruction Professional Learning

  • BUILD effective relationships with students and help them see achievement as a reachable target
  • EFFECTIVELY TEACH diverse learners and make your content meaningful to every student
  • CONNECT data analysis to instructional practices
  • EXAMINE current practices and identify areas for improvement

Our On-Site Instruction Professional Learning

Establish innovative instructional strategies and teaching methods to effectively engage, empower, and motivate all students to succeed. Through our resources and services, we can help you develop and implement high-yield instructional strategies, tools, and best practices that lead to thriving classrooms for all learners—including differentiated instruction for special education students, English learners, and high-achieving individuals.

Where are you on your professional learning journey?

Your school or district is ready to start building expertise with Instruction professional development. See one-day services

You need specialized professional learning services to continue deepening your expertise with Instruction. See two-four day services

You're a high-functioning team looking to sustain your expertise, leadership, and achievement for Instruction. See multi-day services

Your Goal

Building Your Skills

One‑Day Services


A keynote supports and motivates your teachers to use best practices and new research related to classroom instruction. Solution Tree authors and associates are available and capable to customize their work for your needs.

Implementing Culturally Responsive Instruction

Support underserved students using culturally and linguistically responsive teaching strategies across content areas and grade levels.

  • Examine techniques for culturally and linguistically responsive teaching.
  • Access sample activities that can be used in classrooms immediately.

Your Goal

Deepening Your Skills

Two‑Four Day Services

Daily Differentiation Strategies for the Classroom

Discover how to determine students’ learning needs and help them reach their fullest potential.

  • Explore various lesson plans and activities.
  • Unite curriculum design, assessment, and instruction through the lens of differentiation.

Motivating Students

Motivate students who are disengaged in the learning process. Explore a range of strategies for connecting with these students, developing their competence, and creating a fun learning environment.

  • Access proven strategies for engaging students.
  • Explore the impact of positive reinforcement and feedback.

The New Art and Science of Teaching

Discover a framework for substantive change that comprehensively addresses the most alterable effect on student achievement: instruction.

  • Utilize ten design questions and a general framework that will help determine which classroom strategies you should use to foster student learning.
  • Analyze the behavioral evidence that proves the chosen instructional strategies are helping learners achieve academic success.

Succeeding as a Beginning Teacher

Designed for teachers in the early stages of their careers, as well as mentors, coaches, and supervisors, this two-day training identifies six phases every beginning teacher goes through, offering crucial advice and strategies for each.

  • Explore the six phases of beginning teachers—(1) anticipation, (2) survival, (3) disillusionment, (4), rejuvenation, (5) reflection, and (6) second anticipation.
  • Understand the feelings and challenges associated with each phase.
  • Discover practical strategies for instruction, classroom management, and relationship-building.
  • Learn how to practice self-care to avoid early career burnout that so often leads to teachers changing careers.
  • Develop a plan for decreasing stress and increasing student achievement.

Your Goal

Sustaining Your Skills

Multi‑Day Services

Embedded Coaching

Ensure best-practice instruction is adopted throughout your school or district with job-embedded coaching. Our expert coaches will provide professional development tailored to the needs of each staff member, with a custom mix of classroom observations, lesson-planning support, targeted feedback, and more.

Customized Services

Give your team personalized support and guidance focused on instructional best practices. Together, we’ll develop a customized learning plan featuring on-site professional development and virtual training opportunities specifically designed to help your staff provide quality instruction that leads to quality learning.

Global PD

Access hundreds of instructional videos and resources that reveal specific, proven actions you can take to ensure all students achieve academic success. Additionally, with The New Art and Science of Teaching video playlist, you’ll gain access to select Marzano Compendium videos where you’ll learn:

  • How to provide and communicate clear learning goals
  • How to conduct direct instruction lessons
  • How to engage students in cognitively complex tasks

Featured Instruction Presenters