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Choose multi-year PD proven to sustain school improvement — Learn more

Customized PD

Let's collaborate!

Our staff will work with you to design and deliver a high-quality professional development experience with hands-on activities and practical strategies.

Let Solution Tree put you on the path to long-term success. We'll partner with you to develop a comprehensive and sustainable professional development plan based on your most critical challenges.

These multifaceted plans have the potential to span multiple months or years. Guided by our diverse specialists, you'll simultaneously target key issues with integrated approaches, products, and resources.

With a comprehensive and sustainable professional development plan, you will:

  • Enjoy personalized long-term attention from high-caliber presenters and Solution Tree staff.
  • Get a library of research-based resources combined with on-site support.
  • Focus on one strategy, or combine the work of several education leaders.
  • Stay on track with debriefings and interim support.
  • Nurture a consistent plan for sustained improvement.

To discuss your specific needs, call 888.763.9045.

Customized Workshops

Create a collaborative culture. Build a unified vision. Determine cross-curricular assessment, improve literacy, integrate 21st century skills…the list goes on and on!

With more than 100 topics to choose from and no limit to how many participants you can invite, our customized workshops put you in the driver's seat on the road to success.

These workshops offer interactive activities, practical strategies, and informative content. You choose the topic, and we'll find a presenter who has the same outlook as you and your staff.

Standard Workshops

Attended one of our two-day workshops and want to bring it back home to the rest of your team?

We can do it. Contact Solution Tree, and tell us what you're interested in. We'll work to bring the power and inspiration of these workshops to your school whenever you'd like.

Bring our keynote speakers' inspirational stories, thought-provoking questions, and no-nonsense strategies into your school to help relight the fire among staff and colleagues.

Two highly customizable tools, interactive web conferencing (IWC) and interactive video conferencing (IVC) offer your school, district, or regional staff an affordable opportunity to receive ongoing support from our experts.

Follow up your book study with a Q&A with the author. Schedule an ongoing professional development series focused on a specific research-based topic. Enhance comprehension with between-visit booster sessions. Plan in-depth discussion with the most noted education experts in North America. The only limit to the number of attendees you invite is the space you have available.

Learn from the best. Bring expert leaders to your school. Request PD