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  1. AllThingsPLC Magazine Subscription

    AllThingsPLC Magazine is a must-have for emerging and veteran professional learning communities (PLCs). Each issue includes PLC research, inspiration, fixes, how-tos, and more.

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  2. AllThingsPLC Magazine Summer 2020

    Leading the Way, Creating New Paths

    This issue is dedicated to helping you lead the way and create new paths for your PLC. Within its pages, you’ll explore the six steps of 100-day leaders and discover how Lander Valley High School in Wyoming lit a flame of continuous improvement. Plus, you’ll peek inside one expert’s PLC fairy tale, dive into the nature of human motivation, and much more.

    USD $14.95


  3. AllThingsPLC Magazine Spring 2020

    Always Teaching, Always Learning

    Every member of a PLC is always teaching and always learning. Read the inspiring Spring 2020 issue to further your pursuit of continuous improvement. You’ll discover a 15-day challenge designed to jumpstart or re-energize your PLC, explore the three gifts of mission, and learn why the only true obstacle facing school communities is the inability to dream.

    USD $14.95