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Success for Our Youngest Learners

Embracing the PLC at Work® Process at the Early Childhood Level

By: Barbara Cirigliano

Put preK learners on the path to a great education by embracing the professional learning communities (PLC) process. Ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum for preschool, kindergarten, and special education students in blended classrooms.

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A pacing guide for early childhood educators in a professional learning community

Put young learners on the path to a great education by embracing the professional learning community (PLC) process. Designed specifically for early childhood educators, this practical resource details the foundational ideas and concepts of a successful PLC. Discover how to build collaborative preK teacher teams, develop a guaranteed and viable curriculum, design meaningful assessment and intervention, and more.

Use this practical guide to implement the PLC at Work® process to provide quality education to young learners during a vital stage of child development:

  • Discover how to use the PLC process to specifically cater to the needs of preK students.
  • Receive guidance and strategies necessary to build a strong collaborative structure in your school, including for blended classrooms.
  • Acquire best practices for organizing teams and making the most of team time.
  • Understand how to construct assessment for young students, including those in preschool, kindergarten, and special education.
  • Learn how to collect data and provide interventions based on the results.

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Product Code: BKF892

ISBN: 9781947604735

Published By: Solution Tree

“Barbara Cirigliano offers a compelling case for utilizing concepts and practices inherent in the Professional Learning Communities at Work® framework for improving the success of our youngest learners. She not only provides foundational information regarding why early childhood educators should embrace the PLC at Work process, she also provides practical, doable advice regarding how to do so. Success for our Youngest Learners is a must-read for those seeking to enhance the effectiveness of early childhood programs.”

Robert Eaker, PLC at Work architect

“Like many early childhood educators, I have been sitting on the sidelines of my school's professional learning community. Barbara Cirigliano has given us a road map for forming and navigating a healthy, effective PLC. I look forward to using her book, Success for our Youngest Learners, with our team of preK teachers. I am inspired!”

Grace Ruddy, preK teacher, Idaho

“Dr. Cirigliano provides insight into every aspect of learning and teaching, reflecting, and collaborating. Through a combination of personal experiences, evidence-based examples, and comprehensive guide to PLC processes, this book is a must-read for every passionate early childhood educator who believes in learning!”

Sonia A. Yoshizawa, author (STEM, Nurturing Creativity) and coordinator of research and services, East Tennessee State University