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  1. 20 Literacy Strategies to Meet the Common Core

    20 Literacy Strategies to Meet the Common Core

    Increasing Rigor in Middle & High School Classrooms

    By: Elaine K. McEwan-Adkins, Allyson J. Burnett

    This book provides 20 research-based strategies designed to help students meet the Common Core State Standards and become expert readers.

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  2. 200+ Proven Strategies for Teaching Reading, Grades K–8

    200+ Proven Strategies for Teaching Reading, Grades K–8

    By: Kathy Perez

    This book provides K–8 teachers with practical strategies to help all students, especially those who are struggling, develop their reading abilities.



  3. 21st Century Learning in a Networked World

    21st Century Learning in a Networked World

    For Our Students and Ourselves

    By: Will Richardson

    Will challenges educators to set aside the old model of schooling and re-envision the foundation of teaching and learning as global and continuous.



  4. 21st Century Readiness for Every Student

    21st Century Readiness for Every Student

    By: Ken Kay

    In this keynote, Ken argues that 21st century education must be rooted in knowledge and skills that ensure readiness for every student.



  5. 21st Century Skills

    21st Century Skills

    Rethinking How Students Learn

    Edited by: James A. Bellanca, Ron Brandt

    Contributors: John Barell, Linda Darling-Hammond, Chris Dede, Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour, Douglas Fisher, Robin J. Fogarty, Nancy Frey, Howard Gardner, Andy Hargreaves, David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson, Ken Kay, Cheryl Lemke, Jay McTighe, Alan November, Bob Pearlman, Brian M. Pete, Douglas Reeves, Will Richardson, Elliott Seif

    Education luminaries reveal why 21st century skills are necessary, which skills are most important, and how to help schools include them in curriculum and instruction.



  6. 40 Reading Intervention Strategies for K–6 Students

    40 Reading Intervention Strategies for K–6 Students

    Research-Based Support for RTI

    By: Elaine K. McEwan-Adkins

    This well-rounded collection of reading intervention strategies, teacher-friendly lesson plans, and adaptable miniroutines will support and inform your RTI efforts.



  7. A Mind for Mathematics

    A Mind for Mathematics

    Meaningful Teaching and Learning in Elementary Classrooms

    By: Nanci N. Smith

    This easy-to-read text combines research, practical strategies, and examples from K–6 classrooms that will inspire and engage mathematical minds.



  8. A New Way

    A New Way

    Introducing Higher Education to Professional Learning Communities at Work™

    By: Robert Eaker, Debra Sells


    Explore the PLC process, and learn how it can reshape the way university and college leaders work together to drive student achievement.



  9. Activating the Vision

    Activating the Vision

    The Four Keys of Mathematics Leadership

    By: Bill Barnes, Mona Toncheff

    Foreword by: Timothy D. Kanold

    To build a successful mathematics program, mathematics leaders must establish a cohesive vision for teaching and learning and put it into action.



  10. Adapting Unstoppable Learning

    Adapting Unstoppable Learning

    Edited by: Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey

    By: Yazmin Pineda Zapata, Rebecca Brooks

    This guide expands upon the Unstoppable Learning model to explore accessible learning for students with needs from disabilities to twice-exceptionality.



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