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Deconstructing Depth of Knowledge

A Method and Model for Deeper Teaching and Learning

By: Erik M. Francis

If your understanding of depth of knowledge (DOK) is a little cloudy, you’re not alone. This resource is your one-stop-shop for learning what it is and how to use it to provide learning experiences that are academically rigorous, socially and emotionally supportive, and student responsive.

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Deconstructing Depth of Knowledge

Depth of knowledge (DOK) has become a priority for many schools. But if your understanding of DOK is a little cloudy, you’re not alone. This resource is your one-stop-shop for learning what it is, who it’s for, and how to use and sustain it. Ultimately, you will discover how to plan and provide learning experiences that are academically rigorous, socially and emotionally supportive, and student responsive.

  • Learn how DOK is a different, deeper way of approaching teaching and learning.
  • Explore the different DOK levels and how they relate to instruction.
  • Understand DOK’s relationship with standards and assessment.
  • Designate correct levels based on learning needs.
  • Acquire strategies for helping students engage with DOK on a deeper level.

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Product Code: BKF960, EKF523

ISBN: 9781951075156

“Erik M. Francis masterfully explains the often-misunderstood Depth of Knowledge (DOK) framework. He walks you through the myths and misperceptions of the model and ultimately gives you the tools to apply it with fidelity in your classroom. This book should be on every educator’s desk and should be the guide to deepening understanding for all students.”

Richard M. Cash, Educator, Author, and Consultant, nRich Educational Consulting, Inc.

“Erik Francis’s Deconstructing Depth of Knowledge demystifies the academic framework that has become the go-to for teaching and learning. His narrative guidance on the classroom application of Depth of Knowledge (DOK) empowers readers to apply this theoretical academic framework to real teaching and instruction. As Francis explains throughout, DOK isn’t another ‘thing’ to do. Rather, it’s a way of thinking and being that leads to effective teaching and learning. Accessible explanations paired with instructional exemplars make Erik Francis’s book a must-have for all educators.”

Katie McKnight, Ph.D. CEO and Founder, Engaging Learners

“Take a look at this book and you’ll see why Erik Francis has been identified by Global Gurus as one of the world’s Top 30 Education Professionals 2021. Deconstructing Depth of Knowledge: A Method and Model for Deeper Teaching and Learning presents teachers and administrators with a blueprint for the successful application of Depth of Knowledge with any student population. The how-to nature of the book makes it appropriate for veteran, mid-career, and novice teachers alike. This book is a must-have for educators at any level of teaching, from Kindergarten to grade 12.”

Jaime Castellano, Educator, Author, and Professor, Florida Atlantic University

“In this book, Erik Francis has achieved what many educators have been craving—a demystification of Depth of Knowledge (DOK). To be fair to this excellent book, he has done so much more than that. In addition to providing quality descriptors, in practical terms, of each of the four DOK levels, he has shared how the DOK levels can serve as a method and model that informs how teaching and learning experiences can be developed, delivered, and deepened.

Tom Hierck, Educational Consultant and Author, Starting a Movement: Building Culture From the Inside out in Professional Learning Communities

“Forget the wheel! Deconstructing Depth of Knowledge takes what was once a mysterious and elusive concept and makes it practical, approachable, and doable. This resource explicitly examines what depth of knowledge is and is not in order to move beyond theory and misconceptions to create a clear framework of implementation for every educator, at every content, and at any level. Erik Francis has not only aligned his content to current research and pedagogy, but he also maintains the message throughout this book that all students can learn at high levels, and it is the work of educators that achieves this goal. Through this book, he actually shows us how.”

Paula Maeker, Educator, Consultant, and Advocator for Learner-Centered Education

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