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Kathy Tuchman Glass

Kathy Tuchman Glass is an accomplished author, consultant, and former classroom teacher with more than twenty-five years of experience in education.

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Kathy Tuchman Glass

Kathy Tuchman Glass is an accomplished author, consultant, and former classroom teacher with more than twenty-five years of experience in education. Invested in increasing educators’ capacity to hone their craft, she guides participants to translate the content and information she shares into effective classroom practice.

Recognized for her expertise in curriculum and instruction, Kathy provides customized professional development services to K–12 educators in these and related topics: all areas of literacy, engaging instructional strategies and teaching methods, assessments (including writing tasks, rubrics, checklists, and calibration), differentiated instruction, curriculum mapping, and backward-planning approach for unit and lesson design. As a dynamic and approachable hands-on trainer, she enables participants to immediately implement what they learn and produce to improve student achievement. She is a member of the International Literacy Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, and Learning Forward.

Kathy earned a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University (Bloomington) and a master’s degree in education from San Francisco State University. Originally from the Midwest, she now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Website: www.kathyglassconsulting.com

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Presentations by Kathy Tuchman Glass

  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Implementation of English Language Arts Content Standards
  • Fostering and Assessing Student Understanding of Complex Text
  • Effective and Engaging Strategies for Literacy Across Content Areas
  • Unit and Lesson Design

“In my five years of teaching, this was the first conference I’ve attended that was engaging, entertaining, and productive. I had such a good time.”

Rachel Keleher, English teacher, Platteville High School, Wisconsin

“I know today was hectic and crazy with the amount of teachers out, but I wanted to thank you for providing us with a full day with Kathy. It was a very productive day. I am actually excited about the last ten days of school, not because of the countdown to summer but for the ideas to implement in my classroom. Today was what I wish every day of PD was like. Thank you for providing that to us. Kathy and Sarah are amazing, and I am glad I have finally begun to open my eyes and heart to the things they have to share.”

Teacher, Robinson Middle School, Arkansas